Posted by: purityseekers | November 16, 2006

Petition to Defund Planned Parenthood~~ Sign Petition!

OK…I feel sick.  I just did a search for “abortion is murder” images and saw things I wasn't expecting.  Seems like you can hear “anti-abortion” and “abortion is homocide” and agree…but it really doesn't hit home until you actually see the results of the horrid act.  I am actually glad I saw the pictures because it made my heart hurt like I've never felt it hurt before for abortion.  It is just reality.  Sometimes the truth hurts and that is sometimes what it takes to actually take a stand on something instead of ignoring it and hoping someone else will do it.  Please take the time to go online and sign your name to the petition.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION which takes a stand against taxpayers supporting the ABORTIONIST PLANNED PARENTHOOD organization!!

Help to support all the unborn babies in the world!!!

DH and I have always wanted “Abortion is homocide” t-shirts after seeing a Christian singer (Andrew Peterson) wearing one at one of his concerts.  I think we are going to get one for each of us to wear!  I know my friend, “T” from Alaska, did that with her family and I thought it was awesome!!  To stand strong as a whole army for the Lord… involving our kids in helping to support the things that go against the Lord… I think it is so important to tell them the truths of this awful world!!

Check out the t-shirt HERE and check out HERITAGE HOUSE 76 for other awesome PRO-LIFE stuff!!  I first saw the little 10 week old baby feet in a magazine years ago and just couldn't believe how incredibly perfect they were!!!! 

Make sure to sign the petition!!!  Thanks!

🙂 In Christ, B




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