Posted by: purityseekers | November 8, 2006

The Way of the Master…

THE WAY OF THE MASTER is an awesome learning tool to help you learn how Jesus evangelized!  Troy and I got the study book and DVD's from a friend who is doing the study in a men's group.  We watched the first DVD and have learned SO much about how our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, spoke to people.  Evangelism today is not the way it was intended to be. 


Jesus pointed people to the 10 Commandments… and we should be doing the same in order to show people that they are, in fact, sinners.  The Way of the Master helps people to overcome fears that go along with witnessing and help you to learn the “Way” the “Master” brought the good news of salvation to the world.  Most people don't even know all the 10 Commandments… and most live in a little dream world that they are not sinning against God.  When asked if they have commited adultery… most would say “no” UNTIL they are told that if they have even looked at a woman with lust… they have committed adultery with her in their heart.  When asked if they think they'll go to heaven… many will say “yes because if God is a good God then He'll love me and let me go there”.  Well… like a good judge… if He's a “good” God then He'll make sure those in sin are judged and given the correct punishment.


I would urge those who read this to check that site out.  They have lots of “ice breakers” you can purchase to help in evangelism.   BUT you don't need those items to become more effective with witnessing.  What you need to do is just make sure you are leading people the way Jesus did… and not the way many are taught to witness these days.  This has just changed our outlook SO much!!!


I love how the DVD starts out.  Kirk Cameron (who, with Ray Comfort, designed this study) tells a fictious story of a fire where a family of 5 are going to die.  A firefighter is in his truck, but has headphones on trying out a CD player he has purchased for his pastor.  Taking a few minutes to try it out… the family burns to death.  Then Kirk asks what you think this man's sentence should be.  2 years, 20 years, life, death???  Then he ends up asking what OUR sentence should be since we are saved and see so many perishing…but don't really do all we can to save them.  THAT hit me hard in my heart.  Makes you question how much you truly DO love those around you.  If a neighbor's house was on fire… you'd do ANYTHING to get their attention.  You'd bang on their door, scream, smash windows, etc.  But if you know they are perishing and won't have eternal life with Jesus Christ… you end up just smiling and going on with your life.  I know we have had and DO have unsaved neighbors right across the street and we've had the attitude of being kind… BUT not sharing with them because they aren't the same faith.  We've judged them, joked about them and talked bad about them, etc… but we haven't shared our faith in the Lord with them.  We haven't invited them over for dinner.  I am just realizing more and more everyday how we AREN'T following Jesus and going out and telling others about Him.

I just hope that you all go and check that site out and watch some of the video clips of how they witness to the lost.

In Christ, B



  1. Wow, Bridget. This study does bring up some interesting points. They are so right about us saving people from a burning house but we don’t do much about them burning in hell. Yikes!! I’ve never looked at it that way.
    Christine (heavy with conviction)

  2. yes, I agree… the Way of The Master is so effective in witnessing!!
    a friend gave me the website some months back and it is great! The first time I went online I was hooked. Having the gift of evangelism, this website has helped me witness plain and simple! It gave me all I need to feel confident in sharing the gospel! I would like to use this tool with my children, to help them share their faith! thanks for sharing! juliet

  3. I just learned of the site a few weeks ago and found it very interesting, and exciting, too.


  4. That is so awesome! We were fortunate to have Ray comfort come and stay at the bible school we attended for a week. That had to be…10 years ago?? He is such a good evangelist. That guy is blessed with the ability to really reach people. What a great resource!


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