Posted by: purityseekers | November 1, 2006

"For Others Out There"… (re: comment about my previous post)

I am very much aware of the fact that there are many out there that don't believe in Christ.  Why do so many still celebrate Christmas??  That boggles my mind.  I've even known Jewish people that celebrate Christmas…maybe for santa…but still the “holiday” Christmas.  Makes no sense that although the majority of people would say that Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ… the majority do not.  And face it… when they put things out for sale for “holidays” you don't see many things for the Jewish, muslims, etc. of the world.  It is mainly focused on Dec. 25th celebration.  I know there are many people in society with other beliefs…but the majority are out there shopping for “Christmas” and not Hannukah.  So… although I can understand why they would put “holiday” to include the very limited things they'd offer for the minority, to make it fair in this day and age of tolerance… but I believe they should advertise it like it is… “Christmas” items and have a little section for people who are buying a menorah or something like that.  (and I am not trying to be sarcastic) When you go to the “holiday” sections of stores… I am afraid to say that most has to do with the “holiday” of Dec. 25th and most people are aware of this.  I am sure you can find small little sections for Jewish people and maybe Kwanzaa.  I actually have never seen anything for any other… (I'm sure some stores sell things for Muslims or Buddhists…but I have never seen any around my area)… so I just see it is sad, since I am a Christian and know that the Lord Jesus Christ IS the Messiah and that He is not in the spotlight.  Of course there are so many that don't believe this… but since I do… I am just stating my sadness of the whole thing.

I will repost if I DO go into the “holiday” sections of stores and see that what they offer is equally diverse in regards to all religions.  BUT… what I usually see are many Christmas trees, nativity sets, Christmas napkins, plates, etc, Christmas wreaths, Santas (not Christian… but definitely for Dec. 25th), Rudolph, etc. etc. 

I DO understand though… if I was Jewish I would want respect.  So just understand that I am a Christian who is saddened by the loss of Christ in our society… a society that is lost.  I don't know… all I can say is that this is a blog site started by Christians and most people I have met through this site ARE Christians and I am stating my frustration .  The people who started this site are publishers of “This Old Schoolhouse Magazine” who's statement of faith is this

“Jesus Christ, the Word is God, God the Father is God.
The Holy Spirit is God.
There are no gods but one God.”

That is why I would feel comfortable writing about my search for Christ in Christmas.  No matter how much the world wants us to tolerate other religions… most would agree that the majority of shopping done at this time of the year was and always has been for the holiday celebrated on Dec. 25th.  It's just been in the last few years that the focus turned more to other religions having equality… but I just find it sad.  No other way I can say it.  If people want to buy gifts from all of their selection of items… that's no different than buying a birthday gift or an anniversary gift… but the “holiday” section of most stores is not focused on any other holiday except Dec. 25th.  At least that's how it's always been. 
I am sorry if I offend anyone… I just love my Lord and Savior.  When I was a kid people went “Christmas shopping” and JCPenney had their “Christmas catalog” and things like that.
OK…I'm done on my little soap box… I just love Jesus and that's where I'll leave it and i'll just keep on praying for the salvation of those who don't know Christ as their Savior ğŸ™‚ B




  1. keep it real….. AMEN

  2. The TRUTH does illuminate! 🙂

    Thank you for compiling the listing of CHRISTmas shops.


  3. Actually, Christmas is a pagan holiday that was co-opted by that new-fangled Christianity.
    <br>Slap a new holy birth to it, and voila, Christian holiday! It's all an allegory about the birth of new life after the cold depths of winter. It's all about the seasons and nature and how closely our ancestors' lives were tied into the cycles of the sun.
    <br>I'll put up my tree, I'll exchange gifts with my family and friends, I'll sing carols and feast and make merry, and no deity at all — yours or any other — has a thing at all to do with it.
    <br>Peace and happy holidays!

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