Posted by: purityseekers | October 31, 2006

I am SHOPPING for the "Christ" in Christmas…

Home pages of some of the large stores:


Target~~ “Lights, Camera, Holidays!” and “Bring the holidays home”

Sears~~ has a website for Christmas shopping called “”

Walmart~~”The season's hottest toys are here”

Home Depot~~”Get an early start on holiday shopping” and “Holiday Decor starts here”

Lowe's~~”Holiday Memories~ your style + your spirit = holidays

Macy's~~”Holiday Home Sale” & “Holiday Lane ~ the magic starts here”

Old Navy~~”Holiday is here” & “Holiday gift guide” (that one really gets me… “HOLIDAY is here” what  kinda sentence is THAT?? hehe)

Kmart~~they also have the “” link

Toys R Us~~”your ultimate holiday wishlist”

Yankee Candle~~”new holiday collection”

Barnes & Noble~~”Holiday gift guide”

Joann's Fabric's~~”Holiday gift guide 2006″ (I DID see the word “Christmas” just because they sell a pack of paper called “the Christmas stack”)

Kohl's~~”Shop holiday gifts” & gotta love this one…”make their holiday all fun and games” (ugh… it's all about the STUFF, right??)

Pottery Barn~~”entryways and holiday trim” & “holiday decorating ideas”

Bloomingdale's~~”Bloomingdale's for the holiday

Land's End~~”Holiday gift 2006 store” & “kid's holiday art gallery”


when I thought I was losing all hope… I went to my favorite craft store, “Michael's” and they have a tab that says “CHRISTMAS“!!  woo hoo!  And when you click it you see “Christmas themed ornament collection”~~ hey… it may not be totally focused on Christ… but it's at least still a word they use!!!


Well… that was about it… so I decided I needed a “Christmas shopping fix” and this is what I found:


Family Christian Stores~~ first words I saw were “Prepare your heart for Christ

Lifeway Christian Stores~~”Blessed be the name Jesus” is the first thing you see!!

Parable Christian Stores~~”Shop early for Christmas

Christian Book Distributors~~”Christmas shop”

Christian Light Bookstore~~”Walk in the light, Grow in the light, Fellowship in the light”

Cedar Springs Christian Stores~~”Celebrate God's Bountiful Harvest”

Lighthouse Christian Store~~”Let Us Walk in the Light of the Lord”


AHHHH… much better 🙂


And if you are interested in celebrating advent with your family to keep Christ as the center of your Christmas… this is a good link to get a daily scripture reading schedule! Focus on the Family Advent 

Then you can search online and find lots of sites and resources for ideas for crafts and things to do the weeks leading up to Christmas!  This has been so great for us each year and we've been able to witness to others through our daily celebrations!!


Make sure to keep Christ in your Christmas this year… and maybe even think twice as to who you should give you money to when you are buying gifts!  I know… we DO shop at many of the stores at the top… but it's good to see there are places we CAN go where they aren't afraid to say “Christ” and don't have to mesh in with the world to make money!


🙂 B







  1. And for those of us who are Jewish or Muslim or Buddhist or Toaist? We certainly wouldn’t keep Christ in our Channukah or Tet or Ramadan or any other non-Christian hoilday. For those of you who celebrate Chirtmas you should certinaly keep Christ in it, but remember that when stores, websites, newspapers refer to “The Holidays” they are referring to all of the holidays that occur at this time of year. Christmas isn’t the only one. : )

    And appreciating differences is a message we all should take to heart.

  2. I agree with Bridget this counrty is and was made on Christain Philosophy. This is what is wrong with the US they want to make everyone happy. I do not see others bending thier countrys history to please others. If you do not “do” CHRISTmas That is fine but in my counrty we do. And I want it spread all over the world how great the birth of our Savior was. So lets start in the great USA…… GO GOD!!!

  3. When these big stores are advertising stuff for the “holidays” do you really think they are talking about Chaunaka (sp?) or Ramadan? I doubt it. They are talking about December 25, traditionally known as Christmas.

    Which is why Christmas means nothing anymore. Christmas is referred to as “the holidays” because basically that’s what it is. A winter break. Time off school and work. It’s one day that is filled with waay to much commercialism and no sprituality. Very few of us are remembering Christ for Christmas. It *is* sad.

  4. I think you’ll be PLEASANTLY suprised if you visit, which was recently updated. Also, Target uses the word Christmas in some of their advertising, although I admit it’s not much. Their catalog for this year is labeled “Christmas 2006”, although “Holiday 2006 catalog” is used in other graphics advertising the catalog.

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