Posted by: purityseekers | October 30, 2006

Lots of pictures to update :-)

I haven't blogged for a bit so I am ready to post a bunch of pix to update on the last few days of our life!  So… get ready… get set… here goes!

On Friday we went to Awana and it was store night… the kids had SO much fun spending their hard earned points!!

Here's my little “Cubbie” “A” before he went to buy his stuff:

and here are all the Cubbies getting ready to shop!

“A” had 25 shares and in addition to lots of fun little things… he bought a Thomas train and DVD!!

Here's “C” during game time…(he's in the middle to the right in the blue windpants)

and here he is checking out all the cool store stuff!!  The woman that runs the store (to the left in the grey shirt) provides all of the items for the kids to buy as her ministry!!  Isn't that the best???  And she gets good stuff!!!  The kids work extra hard knowing their well earned points will get them rewards!

and here's “Z” waiting for Sparks to start…

and here she is with some of her Sparks friends… spending their points!! 

My niece came with us… here is her pregnant self…

And Baby “E” was just playing around and practicing his newly found walking talents…

UNTIL my niece threw his most favorite toy (a ball) into this little toy house thing and he literally DOVE in to get it…it was SO funny!!

“L” had fun playing with these little beads and putting one on each finger…hehe

On Saturday DH bought me some beautiful flowers… here they are:

That same day “Z” & I (and my Mom, my niece and her son) went to my nephew's girlfriend's baby shower and it was a lot of fun. 

Here is the Mama-to-be…

And here she is with my nephew…

“Z” had a lot of fun having special “big girl time” with Mommy! 

Here's my sister, (AKA “Nana”) with snoozing my Gr. nephew…

Here is (in order)… my niece, one of their friends, the “Mama-to-be” and my other niece…

Here's a picture of my Mom when I was dropping her off at her home after the shower 🙂  We all had a great time together!!

Afterwards we went to the dollar store to look around… here she is with her baby bottle necklaces around her neck!  She won the “don't say 'baby'” game by listening to hear when people said “baby” and then she'd get their necklace!  The person with the most won… and that was her!!  I think she had 9!  (but gave some back to the girls that wanted to take one home…hehe)

my niece and her son came with us to the store too… here's he is modeling a funny hat:

Today my friend, “D”, called and asked if we had carved any pumpkins yet this Fall… and we hadn't!  So she was so sweet and came over with 3 pumpkins for her son, and my kids to carve!!  They had a blast and the pumpkins came out so cute!

Here are the kids in the midst of carving with my friend, “D”… and you can see Baby “E” peeking from under her arm… he watched from the high chair:

“L” was the only one that really didn't show much interest… she was happy watching a show and munching on her “honey Chee-yoze”(honey cheerios)…

“C” & “K” worked on carving the biggest pumpkin:

And here's “C”, hard at work:

Here's “Z” working on her pumpkin…she was so determined to do it all by herself and she did!  You can see the train on the other side that I made for “A” 😉

My Dad popped over to bring “C” to his drum lesson… so he took a picture of all of us: (ok… so it's not the perfect picture…haha… but at least we are all in it!)

and here are the finished pumpkins all lit up!!  You can see “Z” on the right… she did an awesome job!  And so did the boys with their big one!  “D” made a real cute one with a star top, more stars on the sides & I love the heart!

So… that's been my last few days!! 

Tomorrow is Halloween to many… but it is just a night at home for us!  (yes… we let the kids watch some shows that have to deal with some halloweeny type stuff…we carved pumpkins and some people would think maybe we shouldn't…but that doesn't bother me at this point.)  I am happy to say that it is the first year EVER that we have stayed home and not celebrated anything!  Last year was the first year not actually celebrating the holiday… but we DID got out and do a harvest party at the Christian school my brother's kids went to.  (which WAS super fun!!) Since DH works tomorrow eve we just decided to stay put and have a quiet evening at home.  To distract the kids from the doorbell (because kids around here don't care if your lights are on or not!! haha) we will watch movies with my parents and eat pizza and hang out and just have a lot of fun!!!

God just has really convicted us over the years of not celebrating a holiday that stands for things that God despises… witchcraft, ghosts, goblins… all that jazz.  There is just no CHRIST in Halloween.  I did the “but as long as they dress in nice costumes” thing for a while… then I thought about how it is still celebrating with the world.  AND… why teach your kids to not talk or take things from strangers… yet have them go door to door and take candy from people they don't know very well…if at all!!  AND… why go out into the cold of the night and put coats on that cover the kids costumes anyway… just to come home with a bunch of candy that will end up in the trash a month later!  At least that's how it is at our house. 

There…I am done my little speel, speal… speil… however you spell that!!  As you can see…I am tired!  This time change has worn me out and I need to go to bed!!  So… goodnight!!  I'll try to blog sooner this next time!!!!! ðŸ™‚



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