Posted by: purityseekers | October 25, 2006

Where I got the BOOTCAMP article…

Someone had commented and asked where I got my Bootcamp article.  Actually…I got it in an email and ever since then I have been a little curious myself at where it came from.  I was told it was from this site…

Raising Godly Tomatoes

But then I was told by someone else that it was actually NOT from that site.  So I emailed the woman at Raisiny Godly Tomatoes and she said she was glad I liked the article and invited me to join her message board (which I am going to do… I had saved her invite in my inbox and need to send her my information!)

You can't actually find the article on that site…that's what confused me.  But I think maybe that it is from the message board??  I'll find out once I get into the board!

The article is in my post that you can get to by clicking the link under “B's Bootcamp” that says “Wanna try Bootcamp?”

Hope that helps!



  1. I love that website, but every time I try to join the board, they’re not accepting new members. Wahh!
    Oh, I LOVED your post on planting fruits of the spirit!! I’m going to bookmark that post so I don’t forget it.
    Oh-I actually posted a pic of my dh and me on my blog (if you want to check it out). It was an exception to the rule, of course! LOL
    P.S.thanks for your email the other day! Holly

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