Posted by: purityseekers | October 25, 2006

Awana, Bible Art and "Missionary Stories with the Miller's" book…

Wow… what a great day we've had!!  It's been one of those days you just feel like you really have kept your children focused on the Lord… and in the meantime… you have also kept YOURSELF focused!!!


I have to give a lot of the credit to the Lord having us in the Awana program this year.  Since I have 3 of my 5 kids in the program… and each are in different groups… we are busy!!!  I have to say that my oldest being in “Truth and Training” has been the most encouraging for me!  The “Sparks”   

and “Cubbies”

are easier and all you have to invest is a little time each day on the verses and/or projects.  BUT… “T and T”

is so much more involved!!  I am having “C” finish all of the first section this week.   On top of learning their verses and sharing what they've learned with others and memorizing all the books of the NT… they have the SILVER and GOLD sections they don't HAVE to do… but if they do them all they get awards for them.

So far he has written 2 awesome paragraphs about David's life, he has memorized all of the books of the New Testemant and can say them all in less than 30 seconds (the T&T goal) (he actually had learned them with me by the song quite a while ago~~  he was embarrassed at first to sing them to his leader…but she said that she has the same song and sings it herself in the car and he felt more comfortable with it…hehe), he shared what he's learned with 3 different people and wrote down their answer to his question of “why did God give us the bible?”, and drew this picture of little David killing Goliath:


He also can read a book about a missionary and we chose to read “Missionary Stories with the Miller's”!  He doesn't even HAVE to do any of these extras… and has all schoolyear to finish… BUT I am keeping him on a strict schedule so that he doesn't procrastinate!  I've told him that we need to press on and not just do what we HAVE to do… but go the extra mile!!  My goal is to read the book TO him… all 24 chapters… by Friday night!! That's 8 chapters a day.  (we borrowed it from my friend, “J”, and we just got it from her today!!) I'd have HIM read it… but I wanted to read it too!! hehe  I am hooked!!!  So far we have read the 8 chapters today that are about 8 different missionaries and they are awesome “based on real life” stories!!!  We will finish it early, I can tell!!  I can't wait to read more later!!!  AND all of the kids have sat to listen with us and love them!!

So… we are making our Awana lessons most of our schoolwork for the week!  I love it!!!  What better way to learn…than to use God's word!  Here is a picture that “Z” drew while “C” was drawing his:

This is David when he was king… speaking to someone…

I love kid art!!  I can't help but save all the pictures they draw!!!  Someday I'll look back at them and cry all over them!!! hehe  But for now they are unstained by tears and just so darn cute!!!

Anyone else have kids in Awana?  And how about “T&T”??  Did you find the switch from Sparks to “T&T” to be much more intense?  I think it's great… I just didn't expect it to be so much work!!!  I don't know how kids do it when they have to go to school all day just to come home to do homework!!  That is probably why so many kids don't do the extra credit stuff.  It's too bad…because “C” is just learning so much through the extra stuff!!

Hope your week is going great!!  Let me know how you all are doing as we hit mid week!!  Any big plans for the weekend??  I am SO excited!  My husband has a 4 day weekend!!!  He is off Friday thru Monday!!  WOO HOO!!!

🙂 B




  1. Hi Bridget,
    My husband and I don’t have children yet (hopefully soon) – but we’re very involved with my 3 neices, two of whom are in Sparks. Can you tell me at what age they go to T and T? It doesn’t seem like Sparks is very different from Cubbies – at least not yet anyway. We usually babysit their youngest while the family goes to Awana…and we’ve talked about when we have children and trying to be involved as well. Seems like a good thing for kids…it’s been good for my neices who go to public school. (they tried homeschool but it didn’t work out so well – and our kids will be going to public school as well, so we’ve tried to think of different organizations we can be involved in besides church)


  2. Bridget, your zeal for the Lord and for your children truly inspires me!! What an amazing mom you are!
    Thank you so much for the great comment you left me-I love getting long ones!
    I totally understood what you were saying about your dh-and he sounds like a gem by the way! My 8 yr old son has changed more cloth dipes than my dh!! He says all the parts are confusing (but I always have them assembled and ready to go). But mostly, he doesn’t like worrying that he might have to deal with #2. He had to do that once. I was gone and forgot to put her in a disposable for him. When I came home he said, “I must REALLY love you, just so you know. Susanna pooped and not only did I change it, but I also rinsed it out.”
    LOL!! I made sure to praise him up and down. It was funny.
    Thanks for the compliment on my washcloths. They are so fun to make! I hope you can get a serger soon!
    My MIL got me started by giving me her ancient husqyvarna which still works great!
    I do make dipes with that one, but not the new one yet.
    You can make diapers with a regular sewing machine! (turn and topstitch-you just will have to trim the inside edges with scissors is all) I made a diaper cover last week with it-didn’t use the serger at all.
    I am impressed with your longies-I don’t have a clue how to do something like that.
    I would love to make you some baby washcloths and send them to you, if you’d like them! LMK-I have some cute boy flannel.
    Your Awanas program sounds really nice-we’ve never done that before as our church is 25 mins away and it is late in the evening. We used to do something called JOY club at a closer church, though and the kids did like that. We’re looking for a new church that is close to us, so maybe we can get involved in something like that again then. Have a great day! (I’m awake during the night right now with a stuffy nose-hoping to get sleepy and clearer soon) Holly

  3. Aw cool! YOur church does Sparkies? My old old Church had Sparkies. I forget the Sparkies Theme song completely…lol.

    I just wanted to say Hi, so HI!



  4. AWANA is a great program, isn’t it?! It is on Wed. nights at our church. We each like to be involved. Breanna is in her last yr. of TNT. My Love is a helper w/ the 4th Grade boys. And, Nathan & I are active in the nursery. I love all the pix & “journaling” you did about it. Have a JESUS-filled wkend!! 🙂

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