Posted by: purityseekers | October 24, 2006

Blasphemous Book "Big Momma Makes the World"

I just found out about this book from a friend who knows a child that is public schooled and brought this book home from PRESCHOOL!  UGH.  Obviously, that is the world for ya… but it just makes me so sad!!!  Since I love the Lord and teach my children the wonders of how awesome a God we have and how He created everything… books like this are such blasphemy.  I know there are so many books out there like this… but this one is for children ages 4-8 so it just breaks my heart that so many little children are taught confusion.  I know they people that would allow their children to read this are lost… but still… it just touched my heart for these children!!!  I am so thankful that my kids are being raised to know the ONE true God!!

The parents of the child that brought this home ARE Christians so they were appauled by the book…but so many children would have parent's advocating books like this!!

I just had to make my little effort by going to the Amazon site and posting a review.  I haven't even read the book BUT from the explanation and reading about it here and there online… I wouldn't want to read it.  I'd have to buy it to read it and NO THANKS!!! 

Click HERE to see my review of this book

Under my review is another where the person says “I stumbled upon this book in the library and was charmed by this feminist revision to the usual Genesis story. It takes the Judeo-Christian creation tale, and both makes God a woman, ands tells the tale in a charming folksy Southern drawl that had me and my kids chuckling away.”

The world is such a sad place.  I am realistic about this obviously…but no matter what…it just at times can really make me think and just want to do more out in the world!!  But… here I am in my little house and what I felt I could do right now is at least get my word out into cyberspace on a site where loads of people go!  I feel like at least I am standing up for the truth.

Hopefully others will give it a bad review!

In Christ, B



  1. Good going!!!!!! your did right, we need to stick up for the truth, these little one’s will be lead astray!!!! I think I will head to amazon and write a negative review too! Thanks for the info bessings~juliet

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