Posted by: purityseekers | October 18, 2006

Bicornuate Uterus and my 6 c-sections story…

     I've thought a lot lately of sharing this on my blog for quite a while but hadn't really taken the time to sit and write it out.  Then yesterday a woman had found my blog site during a search for “homemade babylegs” and she mentioned, in an email, how she wasn't sure if they were having anymore children due to her having a few c-sections.  This got me thinking that maybe I need to share my story to be encouraging to other women.

     I'll start with a picture of a normal uterus…

     My 2 year old was looking at the screen when I found the picture and she said “backpack, Mama”.  haha.  Yes… it DOES look like a backpack… but it is indeed a drawing of a normal looking uterus.

     Now I will show you what my uterus used to look like:

This is a drawing of a bicornuate uterus…

     I did not know I had this birth defect… you just don't know unless you see it on an xray. 

     I lost my first child at 25 weeks and it wasn't until years later that I found out exactly why.  I made the decision to allow the doctors to deliver him by an emergency c-section in order to give him a 10% chance of survival.   He was just too small to live outside of my womb and he died a couple hours after birth.   That was many years ago… my son, “D”, would have been 16 this year.

     My pregnancy with my 9 year old ended up successful although many ultrasounds showed a very unhealthy placenta.  BUT… it nourished my baby just fine and he was born 2 weeks early and absolutely perfect!  I didn't realize it at the time… but he grew in just one side of my uterus!

     I ended up pregnant again when my son was about a year old… but miscarried at 7 weeks.  I ended up pregnant again 6 months later… and lost the baby at 10 weeks.  It was heartwrenching!!  My doctor said that she wanted to find out what was going on… so I ended having a hysterosalpingogram, which is a long word that I would just simply say was a type of xray of my uterus!  I'll also say that it was NOT pleasant…BUT worth it!

     The results showed that I had a bicornuate uterus which meant I had a septum in the middle that seperated my uterus almost into two sections.  The top never fused together leaving my uterus heart-shaped.  SO… I decided to have corrective surgery.  The doctor had to do laproscopy and a hysteroscopy to get rid of the septum and it ended up taking 2 surgeries to finish it.  I then had to be put on a high dose of estrogen for a month to thicken my uterine wall (which was NOT pleasant either…but also worth it) and then they forced a menstrual cycle by giving me progesterone and then after that… my uterine xray showed a “like new” uterus!!  WOO HOO!!!

     I then went on to have 4 more babies… and although I had heavy bleeding with all of them at some point during the pregnancies… (2 times due to the placenta breaking away a bit… probably due to a bad attachment to some scar tissue) all were born absolutely perfect!  I delivered the last 2 at 37 weeks and had amnio with both to check lung development.

     I was told by the doctor that delivered my son, a year ago September, that my uterus was getting thin and he didn't recommend anymore pregnancies.  I was heartbroken but accepted it.  Then I went to see my regular Dr. (who couldn't deliver my baby because she had a baby the month before me) and at my post-op appt. she said that the reports showed SOME thinning… but not enough for her to tell me I had to stop.  She knew my passion for my children and that Dr. to Dr. she would have to also recommend I stop… but mother to mother… no way!

     So… we are trusting the Lord.  If we have another… it will be c/s #7 and I am ready!!!  I pray I can be an encouragement to those who have been told they should stop after however many c's they've had… because many Dr's are just anti more than 2 or 3!!  I am living proof that you don't always have to stop when they say you should.  If I had… I wouldn't have 3 of my children!  I am glad God is in control!!

     Thanks for listening 🙂 B




  1. Thanks for posting this testimony. I’ve never had any c-sections myself – but I have a couple of friends who have had several and still want more children. Would you mind if I linked to this post on my blog for my friends to read? I’m sure it would be encouraging to them.
    Blessings ~ Diane

  2. what an amazing story you have shared! I’m sure there will be many ladies who may be going through the same thing. blessings~juliet

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