Posted by: purityseekers | October 9, 2006

I got a WHOLE day by myself!!!

Yes… you heard me correctly… I actually had a whole day out with NO KIDS!!!  I wasn't actually alone… I went shopping with my Mom!!!  It was SO fun!!!

I HAD to take a minute to tell you about all the deals I got!!  I even took a picture to show you what I got! (I know… ME??? take pictures??? hehe)

All of the stuff on the left side of the couch are brand new from the “Children's Place” and “Gap” outlets… and the stuff on the right are used clothing from a consignment shop and a few things from the “Salvation Army”.  I got some REALLY good stuff!! 

I made sure to get each of the kids a few brand new things… but also got 3 pair of “like new” snowpants, 2 pair of LLBean winter boots, 2 100% wool sweaters to make into wet bags (although I might wear one that is so pretty and is from Eastern Mountain Sports and cost $3.99 at Salvation Army!! hehe)

Grand Total = $176.31 CHING CHING I don't think that is doing too bad outfitting 5 children!  I also got one more outfit for my oldest that he is actually wearing at the moment so it's not in the photo!  The clothes I got for him… since he is older… feel like the best deal!!  I got a stack of nice sweats and sweatshirts and pants for him and they would have cost a mint at regular price!!  For instance… some of the Gap sweatpants were originally $25.99 marked down to 9.99 and then were 50% off THAT!!  WOO HOO!!! I just added up all the original price brand new items and the total would have been $278.70!!!  So… the total spent on the brand new things was $149.11 so that's a savings of $129.49!!!  I am very proud of myself!! Not to mention that I also got all the other used stuff that is SO nice!!

     BUT…the best part of the day was spending it with my Mom πŸ™‚  We laughed and talked and had a great day!!  It was SO nice to not have to change any diapers, break up arguments, get kids meals, clean house, all that “Mama” stuff!!  Now I feel rejuvinated and ready to take it on for the next 6 months until I take another day to myself.  haha.  Well, actually… that is the normal me.  Actually it's more like a year.   The last time I took off for a day seems like daydream.  I didn't even have Baby “E”!! And it was the same thing… my Mom and I went shopping!  Wow…  I need to get out more!  It feels good!

     Well… thank you for letting me share my day and my deals with you!!!  πŸ™‚ B



  1. Great blog! I’ve enjoyed my time reading and hope to visit again πŸ™‚

  2. I just love shopping deals like this! πŸ™‚ And, I know, what you mean about being rejuvanated. It’s just what we need & then we are refreshed to be w/ our children & families again. πŸ™‚

  3. I too shop like you, always looking for a bargain! I shop alot at the salvation army store and always get really nice things for a fraction of the price..I wear skirts and dresses ALOT and I have been able to find denim skirts for like 3.00 at the S.A…I also shop at garage sales and other thrift shops.

    You commented on my blog about halloween. We haven’t celebrated any part of it in over 7 years, we don’t miss it..we live out in the sticks… we have no worries about being bothered by any trick or treaters. Glad to meet someone else that holds the same convictions we do…


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