Posted by: purityseekers | October 7, 2006

Where does the time go???

     I cannot believe that I haven't posted anything since Monday!!!  Seems like just yesterday!  I am going to post about what I've been doing and add some cute pix here and there that I've taken!

     I've just been busy doing things around the house and enjoying a little extra quiet through the day since my older 3 have been having SO much fun playing out in the leaves!!!  They go out for the majority of the day, only come in to eat!!  Right now they have eaten and are actually taking a break to watch a show… but I am sure they will be heading right back out in a minute!

     I have also been working on some projects.  I'm in the middle of knitting a blanket for one of my in utero nieces!  🙂  I say ONE of them… because I have a niece due at the end of December, a great niece due in January and another great niece due in February!!!  Isn't that great???? 

Here is my Great Niece that is due in February…

and don't tell her I posted this… here's proof she's a girl…hehe

and here are her cute little feet

and here is her Mom, my niece… and her big brother, my handsome great nephew:

I love this one!!  He's just so adorable and chubby!!!

Here is a picture of my great niece, (due in January)!  She will be the recipient of the blanket I am knitting!  That is her Daddy, my nephew… and her Mommy…

Here's a close up of the 3D ultrasound…isn't it incredible???

(I need to get ahold on my SIL and see if she has a copy of an ultrasound pic of HER daughter…due in December!)

So as you can see… I will be busy this winter making stuff for a bunch of little, sweet girls!!!

I have gotten into making leather baby shoes!!  I am addicted and need to go and buy more leather because I know I am going to run out at the rate I am going!!  I think I am going to start selling them online!  I call them “Evylooz” 🙂

Here is a pair (my favorite so far) that I made for my friend, “C's”, little girl:

When we went to buy leather, the man that runs the business let each of the kids pick out a goat fur…

Here are the furs and the leather I bought…

The goat furs are from Pakistani goats so its kinda cool… but they stink…haha.  (even after having them out in the fresh air!) SO… I put them in a Rubbermaid in our basement and I am going to buy a sachet pack thingy and see if I can get them to smell better.  I'll probably try some Febreeze too and then if they end up smelling good I'll probably cut them and make something out of them.

Here's a pic that my husband took of me sewing… I love the lighting!!!

Since it's been a few days I think I'll just take some time and add a few random pix…

Here's a pic of “C” with a Lego building he made…

These 2 pretty girls are my friend, “T's” daughter, and my “Z”… (“T” and her girls came over yesterday to play and have lunch!  It was SO fun!)

Here's her youngest daughter…isn't she sweet??

The kids had fun painting the other day… here's “Z” and “A”…

and “L” ended up sitting at the table painting for about an hour and a half!!!  She had a blast!!!

“C” decided not to paint…but to play on the computer…

A few days ago “L” was coloring with a marker…

and a few minutes after I took this I went in and this is how she looked…PUCKER UP!

She thought it was pretty funny…

Thank you, God, for washable markers!!!

Well…IT'S AUTUMN!!  Here's “A” playing in the leaves…

and here's a cute black & white close-up of him 🙂


And here's Baby “E” after A”A” found a good use for 2 of my hair elastics…hehe

“C”, “Z” and “A” in the backseat of our van…

Well…I guess that's all for now!  It's almost time for dinner and my husband should be home really soon!!  He'll be a tad bit late because I asked him to stop at Walmart to pic up an 8X10 picture I ordered.  He LOVES photography and said he thought a picture of all of the kids eyes would be cool.  I went a step further and did ALL of our eyes!  It looks kinda weird…but cool at the same time!  And “L's”eyes look cute…the only blue out of all the brown!!

🙂 B







  1. Aww, i think the 3d ultra sound pics are SO cool, my daughter wanted some 3d but the office doing the ultra sound could only do the normal pics, said the insurance wouldn’t cover it 😦 on the other hand, the ultra sound she did get are so much better than the ones we got some 20 years ago 🙂
    The leather booties are so very cute, i can see how you could get addicted to making them.
    And i luv the eyes, that looks so neat.
    You’ve been very very busy, that’s for sure!!!
    I’m glad you shared it all.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing so many beautiful pictures! I enjoyed them.

    We don’t have enough leaves on the ground to rake quite yet, but I bet we will in another week or so.

    The baby shoes you made are just adorable! I definitely would have bought them when mine were babies! Very cute and unique.

    It’s funny that you mentioned everyone having girls — 5 of my friends and family members have either had girls or are due with a girl in the next couple of months! GO baby girls! All pinky cuteness!


  3. Great post! The slippers are darling!! You are gifted! And, how thoughtful of all you are making for your nieces!! And, I love the pix!!! 🙂 Edited by Dechertimes2 on Oct. 9, 2006 at 1:02 PM

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