Posted by: purityseekers | October 2, 2006

Daddy's 4 days off!!!

     I haven't been posting because my husband has had lots of days off!!  Today is his last of 4 days off so I am just taking a minute to pop on and say hi! 

     We've had such a good time with him being home!!!  We have done a lot around the house and have also gone and had some fun!!

     On Saturday we took the kids to the local greenhouse for a Fall Festival!!

The kids started out with a “Treasure Hunt”… You can see “Z” in the middle of the pic with her Sparks vest on (hehe…she is so cute! She even had worn it to bed!!  She just got it at Awana on Friday!) “A” is standing to her left…

Hunting for their candy treasures…

Pumpkin painting time!!  Daddy and “L”…. I love this pic!!!


“A” and “L” were painting across the table from little sis…

“A” working hard on his pumpkin…

and “Z” painting a face on her pumpkin…

The finished products…

They had the most fun playing in a big sand box!!

Baby “E” had fun too watching everything going on…

and here he is lovin' up Mama…

     We had a LOT of fun!!!  (but also were glad to get the kids home for naps because it was very crazy and we had some “grumpy kid” moments!!!)

     Hope you all had a great weekend!! Love, B




  1. Looks like you all had LOTS of fun!!! How nice to have hubby off for a few days 🙂Edited by amatthia on Oct. 2, 2006 at 5:25 PM

  2. That looks like so much fun, even though my youngest is 14, she still loves decorating pumpkins for the fall, we’ll have to post ours as well.

  3. Quality time with Daddy and hubby is just the best isnt it.? Looks like soo much fun.

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