Posted by: purityseekers | October 2, 2006

Another "BEFORE/AFTER" pic of a mess!

Hi… Come on into our…BEDROOM and see the BEFORE and AFTER shots…

I took this pic the other day of one side of our room BEFORE we cleaned… (and I made sure to leave the bed a mess to add to the ickyness) This side didn't look too bad….

It actually probably looks more cluttered in this AFTER pic because we added a table for me to scrapbook & sew at… I LOVE it!!!  I spent a lot of time just organizing all my stuff and getting buckets labeled!  I had so many things just here and there.  The basket on the right of the table with the cloth insert…that is all the stuff that I need to finish.  I have a couple half done rag bags (sorry “C.R.”!!!  I promise I WILL finish yours!!!), some wool sweaters I got on consignment to make wet bags out of, and some other stuff….

and there's the scary part!!!  Our other side of our room BEFORE!!  YIKES!!!  I didn't leave the closet doors open for effect… they have been like this for quite a while for easy access to our crud!! haha  We got really bad about leaving stuff on our floors and clutter in our hot spots!!!

AFTER… it took a while…but now things are nicely organized and the room has such a nice feel!!!!

OK… I'll make sure to post other BEFORE and AFTER pix as I declutter but there are only little areas now… like closets and shelves and all.  BUT… it still is very motivating for me to know that I am inviting you in!!!!  Hope you had a nice visit!!  We'll invite you over again soon!!

🙂 B



  1. You have the same bed as us! The only difference is that we have the footboard, too. Ours is a water bed with baffles, and it is heated, and oh-so comfortable! I love my bed. I have noticed that the style of the bed is very popular. You see it on t.v. shows all the time.

  2. Oh, I thought that I was the only one in the world that has a bedroom that looks like your did in the “before” picture. 🙂 We got really bad at leaving stuff all over the floor, too. I have just been starting to go through everything in the hopes of making our bedroom look like a bedroom again. Thanks for the inspiration!! You did a great job!!

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