Posted by: purityseekers | September 27, 2006

My 1st Handmade Baby Shoes…

I fell in love with “Bobux” (that is the pair “E” has) for “E” after hearing about “Robeez” from my friend, “C”.  I was going to buy “Robeez” but then my friend, Muffin said she could get me some from her friend's maternity shop, in Alabama, for about 1/2 the price.  They are VERY expensive for a wee little pair of shoes (about $28 after shipping)!!  Well… I got to thinking… they look very simply made.  Then I got to thinking some more and wondered where I could buy leather.  Then my brain just kept on running and I thought about trying to figure out a way to make some!!  After searching online for leather shops… I found a great one and called.  The man said he had many calls from women about making the same type of shoes… and had some email him pix of the shoes after buying leather from him.  When I told him they were about $30 a pair…he said “WOW… you could make 40 pair for that price!!!!!”  So… off I went in my quest to find a pattern.  I finally found one after seeing a woman's post on a forum.  I ran upstairs and grabbed some fleece I had bought months ago and hunted down some elastic.  Then I copied the pattern and went to work.  I actually took some time to redo the pattern more like my son's Bobux.  I turned them inside out and measured them and made some based on that… BUT… I think her pattern will make them a little better.  Here is a pic of my son's Bobux inside out… with the cut pieces of fleece:

and here's the finished product…

I sewed them with white thread because I was lazy…hehe… so they would look better if the thread matched.  BUT… since this was just a test drive… I will be sure to perfect them!!!  I can't stand doing something that looks kinda shabby…and these kinda do!!!  If you looked REAL close you'd see lots of little white pieces of thread and you'd see I sewed one side a little crooked…and the back doesn't go up as high as I'd like.  Can you say O.C.D?????

Here's “E” tryin 'em out!

So I have found a new fun thing to handmake for my kids!!  I get too many zany ideas that I just don't have enough time for!!!  I have to calm down…haha… and finish all the mittens I want to make and THEN I can get focused on making some shoes!!!  BUT… you can rest assured that I will be visiting the leather shop REALLY soon!!! 

🙂 B


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