Posted by: purityseekers | September 27, 2006

Mittens and Dentist…

I made my first mitten!  It actually MAY not be my actual “first” because I am thinking I might have knit one years and years ago… but it felt like my first.  I had no idea how to do the thumb and all but figured it out!  It was supposed to be for “L”… but fit Baby “E” better.  I'll make hers the next size up!  She chose the yarn when we went to the yarn shop the other day… so hers will be the same color!

Here it is when it was almost done:

And here's “E” trying it out this AM:

     I had to take my older 3 kids to the dentist today… so my parents came to babysit for my 2 littles! 

Here they are playing Legos and Batman in the waiting room:

     “Z” was so excited to go because she loves it when they give her a quarter for the gumball (toy) machine…BUT… when I was flossing her teeth I noticed her 1st adult tooth is growing behind her bottom teeth.  (that was a “bad Mama moment”… I obviously haven't flossed her teeth for a couple weeks!!!  UGH)  I asked her why she hadn't told me and she acted nervous and said “I didn't know it was a tooth”.  Kids are so funny!  So then she started worrying about it.  This was her in the waiting room:

but when she got in there…she was great!!!  Here she is getting her teeth cleaned.  Their hygenist is so nice!

and then the dentist looked and said the adult tooth is so close to the baby teeth that it will do just fine.  Once her baby teeth fall out, her tongue will push the tooth in place!  WOO HOO!!!  She was glad to hear THAT… AND get her quarter for a toy…

“A” was next:

and he looked SO cute in his glasses…

He did awesome too and then got his quarter!

“C” and “A” played with the fake teeth while “Z” was getting her teeth cleaned…

and since “C” is older… we left him to get his cleaning and I took the kids back into the waiting room.  SO… I only got one quick picture of “C” before his cleaning.

     All kids got a clean bill of health… ZERO cavities!!  And I had a lot of fun with them without having to mother my 2 little ones!!!  It was good to get home though… they missed us!!!  Poor Sweet “L” wondered why she didn't get a “toof paste” (toothbrush, actually) ~~ c'est la vie!  I gave her a piece of gum and she was over it!!  (that's good, Mom… add to the sugar bugs!!!)

     Then my parents went down to the Farm stand and got me some corn on the cob, green peppers, potatoes and winter squash!  MMM! 

šŸ™‚ B




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