Posted by: purityseekers | September 27, 2006

Milk and Cows…

     Yesterday we ran out to the farm to buy the raw milk we have been drinking now for a few months!!  I was able to get a few pix of some cows on the road the farm is on… these are black angus!  The little dots are flies…GROSS!

I also took a couple pix of some cows and the countryside!  I love it out there!!  It takes us about 20 minutes to get there, so its a nice drive!

My Dad rode out with us and he said to the kids, “we were always told that cows would lay down because it was going to rain”… (but it was REALLY sunny and beautiful!) “but don't ya think it's maybe just because their tired of standing up???”  hehe.  The kids got a kick out of that!

Here's one of the 1/2 gallons of milk we got… it was almost all gone by the end of the day!!  I finished the last bit this AM with the kids cereal…MMMMM

     OK… time to start another pair of mittens!!  It's quite time so I am going to go and just be quiet and enjoy it until reality hits in about an hour!!!

     I'll be posting another picture soon of another area of my house that needs a major “company's coming” makeover!!!!  I need to invite you all in so I can get my rear in gear and get my hidden clutter spots in order!!   So… I'll send out the invitation soon and let you in to see some spots even company never sees!!!  Funny how just posting those pictures yesterday motivated me and got me all pumped to clean!!  Hey… whatever works!!!



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