Posted by: purityseekers | September 26, 2006

My Mess is clean!!! Wanna Come Over???

(some of this post was written earlier)

Although I know no one will probably read this before its clean… I am posting 2 pictures.  One is of my island and the other of my kitchen sink area.  It is a MESS and I am tired of looking at it today.  It was completely clean just a day or 2 ago… amazing what junk can pile up!! I am using this post as an “anti-procrastination” device… so that I won't leave it like that all afternoon!!!!!  I would MUCH rather sit here and blog… but I am going to be good and just post these 2 pix and then get to cleaning!! THEN I will post my “after” pictures! (O.K…. I am adding to this about an hour later!!  PHEW…am I tired!!!  It made me realize just how much I'll go through for company… but not for my own family!!!!  The “after” pictures are how I like my kitchen to look when I have company over!!!  I remember reading in “The Hidden Art Of Homemaking” how so many people treat friends better than their own immediate family!!!  Good thing to think about!)

The Island…Before…

I betcha didn't know there was a seat attached… to much junk was on top of it!!!!! haha

The Kitchen Sink…before…

and after…. AHHH… now I can go relax for a bit before I have to do dinner dishes!!! 

Thank you for letting me welcome you in as company so I could motivate and clean JUST FOR YOU!!!   I need to have you over more often!!!

🙂 B



  1. BRIDGET….. you have a BIG n’ FAT hot spot!!! lets go girl clean it up it will take 30 seconds…..

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