Posted by: purityseekers | September 24, 2006

Boot Camp is over…

     I feel funny not writing about "Boot Camp"!  But… writing about our days on a regular basis will probably be pretty similar just because of raising lots of young children!  There’s always something to talk about!!!

Yesterday we had a nice, relaxing day!  I am always tuckered out after bringing the kids to Awana… so Saturday is a good day to take it easy.  Yesterday was even better because it was a gloomy, cold & rainy day so I didn’t feel as guilty as I usually do about being in my jammies all day!! 

     I made my famous "Spinach Smoothie" BUT… without the spinach because of all the talk about e-coli in bagged spinach!!  It’s given me the creeps about eating any raw spinach!!!  Here’s are before and after pix of my "Spinach-less Smoothie"~~~  MMMM


Baby "E" loves them now too: (oooh I love those big brown eyes!!!!)

I took this cute picture of him while we were up playing in his room… he likes to climb up on toys and look out the window!  You can see part of the clubhouse we built for my oldest son’s "Clubhouse Birthday Party". 

     We didn’t go to church today because my husband had to work.  That is hard for me because he works 3 out of 4 Sundays a month!!  I COULD take the kids to church but admit I have just struggled with doing that by myself.  They are really good for me… but it’s a personal struggle.  Just knowing the work it takes to get them all ready and out the door… shuffling them around at church… then packing them up to know I have to get home and settled and all… phew… tuckers me out!!  I know it is more a discipline issue with me (as usual… what I struggled with all through "Boot Camp") but I just am at a point where I do what I can and accept I can’t do everything perfectly.  I am praying, too, that someday DH will have a more normal schedule.  Life with 5 little ones would be a lot easier with regular M-F workdays and weekends off!

     I’ve been learning more American Sign Language.  I was SOOOO excited when I got "E" to sign "light"!!!!  Like Sweet "L"… he has his variation… but he does it!!!  Now I can just say "light" and he looks up and then hits his hand to his face!  It’s SOOOO cute!!!

This is an explanation of how to sign "light":



The general sign for light uses the dominant hand in an "8" handshape under the chin. 

You flick the middle finger of your dominant hand upward twice so that it "thumps" (lightly) each time on the underside of your chin. 


"E" just lifts his hand to his face over and over… I got a picture of him this AM!  I’ve tried to get a pic the last few days but he wouldn’t do it!!  I THOUGHT he was doing it yesterday…

but he was squishing a piece of grilled cheese sandwich in his hand~~ haha…  the first time he tried to sign "light" he actually kinda flicked his finger and then brought it to his face!  Now he just smacks at his face and it’s adorable!!!  I will be posting him signing "light" and "more" in another entry so I can link it so my ASL section!  I am just amazed at how young kids can learn to sign!!  The little guy is only 12 months and 2 weeks old!! 

     I have to go because I have to figure out what crockpot recipes I am going to make this week for my "Crockpot Crunch".  DH is off tomorrow so we will get some shopping done.  I also have to finish knitting the wool soakers I am making for "Muffin’s" daughter!!  I plan on mailing those out to her tomorrow while we are out running errands!  SO… you should be able to see a picture of her in them in the next week or so!!  Then it’ll be time to start mittens for the kids!  I also have a plan to buy some snaps and attempt to make some teeny "Fuzzi Bunz" type cloth diapers for "L’s" doll.  That should be interesting~~ hehe.

     Hope you all have had a great weekend!!  I am going to make sure to read in my bible before I do anything else though today!!!  And I am going to go over the kids Awana verses!!!  Although I am not at church today… I am going to keep my eyes on the Lord and read some of His word to gain encouragement and wisdom!

     🙂 B




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