Posted by: purityseekers | September 24, 2006

Baby "E" Signs…

My 1 year old has learned his 1st 2 signs.  Of course… he does HIS variation of the words…but he does it almost everytime I say the words!!  Sometimes it takes me giving him a cue…but he does them so good!!  Here's his sign for “light” (instead of flicking his middle finger in at his chin… he whacks his face with the same type of motion)

and here he is signing “more”… instead of his fingertips together, he brings his hands together all squished and cute…



  1. How precious!!!!!

  2. hi just wanted to say i think your site is excellent and i love reading it. i have done some “boot camp” stuff with my kids (3, ages 4, nearly 3 and 16 months) sure makes life a lot “smoother” when you know that they will obey MOST of what you request of them and YES i often need to follow up and then remind myself i need to be more CONSISTENT and conscientious/ diligent with heart issues as they arise. today i have been working on my 16 month old staying on his mat – he definitely has a defiant attitude to me and certainly not submissive/ obedient when it doesnt suit him :)) then once he has “learned” better to obey your relationship with them is soooo much the sweeter even though the discipline is soooo hard sometimes!
    anyways all i was really writing to tell you was that i think that your children are gorgeous and every time i read your blog i wish that my camera was working – i MISS it soo much…. it has gone to be fixed (at least 6 weeks wait :O((((()
    thank you again for a GREAT blog
    pauline in australia

  3. ahhh….this is so sweet! I need to work more with my youngest on signing along with us. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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