Posted by: purityseekers | September 23, 2006

Boot Camp Day # 14

     Since the 2 weeks is up..this will be my last Boot Camp entry.  (and… although things aren’t perfect around our house… they are VERY much improved… and I need to focus more on ME and don’t want to have to have to worry about posting everyday about what we’ve done…LOL)  I am still going to post pretty much the same… just more relaxed and not so much "Boot Camp" focus šŸ™‚ 

     Our last day of camp was a busy one!!!  DH worked 11:30AM until 8PM… so he was home until about 11.  We didn’t do much all morning but just relax together and do this and that.  DH and I were up SO early that it felt like a whole day had gone by when it was only about 9:30!!!  I love those days!! 

     The house was so quiet when we were sipping coffee in the LR at about 5:15!  I love talking with DH and knitting and just going over our previous day or what was to come!  But… this day was different because Troy said "we need to start our prayer journal and pray together this AM".  WOO HOO!!!  I have wanted to get into a better prayer life with him… but it seemed we just couldn’t get it going!  We pray… but it’s usually him praying and me listening.  So… we sat and wrote down what was on our hearts to pray for and I prayed first (he was going to… but I told him since I am such an "Eve"… I wanted him to end the prayer to pick up the pieces of things I would probably leave out because I’d get sidetracked!!!)  Well… it was a good idea… because I was praying for people in my life that I know that aren’t saved… and I WAS going to pray for his Dad and brother… but I didn’t.  After we prayed I said an "I told ya so" because he lifted them up in prayer knowing I had skipped ’em by mistake. 

     Not long after DH left… my sister and my niece came over with my Gr. Nephew.  I am letting him wear the first pair of longies I made Baby "E" because he outgrew them in length and my niece cloth diapers now!  WOO HOO!!!  I told her to make sure to only wash them in cold water (and since her washing machine only runs hot… I figured she’d hand wash them).  WELL… she stayed overnight at my sister’s house last night and she has cold water running through her machine.  UH OH!!!  So… my niece IM’d me this AM and said "did you say to not machine wash the pants?"  haha  I knew right then that she had spaced it, as usual!  ROFL  (I told her I was going to give her a hard time on my blog)  But she said she’d stretch them out!!  I told her SHE should wear them (she is pregnant with her 2nd baby!)~~ that would stretch ’em out for sure!! Anyway… haha…I got a cute pic of my Gr. Nephew wearing them when they actually fit someone other than a mouse (just kidding…she said they aren’t THAT bad)

Isn’t he cute????

     My goal for the day was to get the housework in order, get Big Guy "C’s" C.A.T. done and to get everyone in the bathtub before taking them to Awana!!  Awana starts at 6:15 so it’s important to be out of the house by about 5:45… I didn’t get out the door until 6:02…UGH.  I even started being real focused at about 3PM and already had 2 kids bathed and dressed!!!  It’s all the little extras… socks & shoes on, diaper’s changed, diaper bag full of extra cloth dipes, wipes, wetbag, Awana papers, bibles, sip cup for Baby "E", camera, etc… hair brushed, fights broken up, discipline, and every other little thing that can happen!!!  Time goes SOOOO fast!!!!!  BUT… we made it JUST in time!!!

Here is a picture of Sweet "L" after her bath filling a bowl with water… I loved her little tippy toes!!

     Awana was fun!!  The kids did great with their verses and "Z" and "A" got their books!  Big Guy "C’s" "Truth & Training" is more detailed and tougher so he’ll get his book next week after his 6th set of verses and after telling his leader what it means to trust in the Lord! 

Here’s "A" with my friend, "J", putting on his sticker to mark his attendance…

And here he is getting his Cubbie Book and Bag: (his leader had her little grandson with her)


And he was a big hit with my "L" and "E"… "E" kinda took the name "walker" and changed it to "climber"!! (ooooh I love his fat cloth diaper butt!!!)

At one point… he was sitting right up on the walker tray!!  He’s CRAZY!!! 

This is my friend,"T’s", son kissing the baby… 

and here’s "T" w/ her youngest of 4!

This is her son who is a Cubbie with my "A"…

"A" has so much fun at Awana!!  Here are all the kids during storytime…

After story time… the kids all run around while they listen to music and have to "FREEZE" when them music stops!!  Afterwards… the leader has them all lay on the floor to feel how fast their hearts are beating!  I got a cute picture of "A" with his "precious wife", my friend "J’s" daughter (LOL~~ she and I had a little marriage ceremony one day in hopes that someday our dream will come true that they will marry…hehe.)  I just thought this picture of them feeling their heartbeats was SOOOO cute!!!


Here are the kids playing "Bingo"~~ "A" is in the orange shirt (his favorite color)…

He was deep in thought LOL

and they played "Duck, Duck, Goose", which was really funny because most of them had no idea what they were doing!!  LOL

I went over to check on how the "Sparks" and "T & T" were doing… "Z" didn’t notice me at first taking pix… but then finally caught me up on the stage…(she’s in the middle with the pink stripes!)  Oh… and that’s "T’s" daughter, in the blue and "J’s" daughter, in the Spark’s vest šŸ™‚  My friend, "L’s" son, is to the far left!

and in hopes to not embarrass Big Guy "C" too much… I only took a couple quick shots of him with his class… that’s him to the right in the light blue sweatshirt, talking to my friend "J’s" little brother.  They have SO much fun together!!

This shows the whole group and the inside of our new church building!  Oh… and way to the right in the pink shirt… that’s "T’s" other daughter hehe

     The kids were really good getting ready to leave and I had gotten the 2 little ones in jammies for the ride home!!  Awana ends at 8 so by the time I get home they are always asleep!  DH was home when I got there and we got all the kids to bed and then started to watch "Oliver Twist" but we both ended up falling asleep!!  It was a long day!!!

     So… that ends my 2 weeks stretch of "Boot Camp".  I will be making sure to note how things go from here… and if I have to… I will re-do "Boot Camp" if I see things getting out of hand.  BUT… I am just going to try to keep focused on myself with discipline and routine and pray more and delve into my bible more!!!! 

     If anyone ends up trying "Boot Camp" at their house… please let me know how it goes!!  I will probably, at some point, write my own type of article about "Boot Camp".  I would probably do things a little different next time because I found what worked and what didn’t!! 

     Thanks for reading my blog and encouraging me in my walk as a wife and mother!!  In Christ, B





  1. I was checking in on my bloggin’ buddies and wanted to let you know I loved your pictures…and I think your bootcamp is wonderful.

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