Posted by: purityseekers | September 22, 2006

Boot Camp Day # 13

     This is Day #14 but I have fallen behind and have to catch up on Day # 13!

     DH didn’t have to leave for work until 11:00 so our day was pretty relaxed to start!  My sweet husband made an awesome breakfast of eggs, sausage, & bacon.  He got the kids their meals and added a peanut butter banana and a breakfast bar!  He is SO cute like that!!!

     We were going to go to the farm to get milk… but decided just to hang out and relax!  I did a lot of knitting and we had a good time just hanging out with the kids and talking!

     By the time he left, it was almost time for lunch and then "quiet time" so that was pretty nice!!!    The kids settled down really good and the house was really quiet!!  Even Middle Boy "A" didn’t make a peep and stayed in his room the whole time!!!  I decided to spend a lot of time cleaning up around the house and getting laundry folded and things decluttered.  I was very motivated and focused and things went smooooth!!!  I even had time to just relax and knit once Baby "E" was up!  All the kids just watched a show and the baby played and I got to enjoy the fruits of my labor!!!  I really feel like that last couple weeks has made a big difference!!  Even when I think that I have a million miles to go… I see things that make me smile and glad I’m doing this!!! 

     I just feel WAY more relaxed than I have felt in a long time.  In the afternoon, I’ll take the baby up to his room to play and just lay there on the floor with him and feel like I don’t have a care in the world!!!  I am usually stressed and feel like if I do that then I’m not doing something I should be doing.  BUT… making sure that at "quiet time" I get dishes and laundry in order… then I feel peaceful!  AND I am also trying to say take time even IF there is work to do… just because.  Like just stopping life and drawing with Big Girl "Z"… it means so much to her… and she is more important than any dirty toilet!! 

     The kids used my camera and took turns taking pictures… here’s one that "Z" took of the bookshelf:

and Big Guy "C" took this from the staircase looking down into the LR at "A" standing on his head LOL

and last but not least… "A" took this one of "C"

I love downloading their pictures to see what catches their eyes!!  I can see as they grow up… that we are going to have to get them their own camera’s so we don’t have to fight over mine!!!

Once everyone was up… our neighbor came over to play… Gotta love those wild and crazy children!!

     I was in "solo" mode knowing that DH would not be home until after the kids bedtime… so I made sure to lay out their jammies and plan ahead so that the bedtime routine would go smoothly.

     When I made pizza dough yesterday, it made enough for 4 pizzas so I used one of the doughs to make another pizza for supper.  The kids liked it better than the night before because I didn’t put feta on it like DH did.  Actually, all the kids ate it, but "Z" complained about the taste of the cheese.  BUT, she DID eat it because she knew that she could have a muffin if she did!

     My Mom popped over while I was getting the pizza ready.  We cracked up because as we were talking I was trying to be cool and was flipping the dough up in the air, New York style.  I looked SOOOO cool… UNTIL I missed as it came down and it flopped on the floor!!!!   You HAVE to love the "12 second rule" because it couldn’t have been more than 1.2 seconds and I had it in my hands!!! haha OK… some may think it was gross for me to actually wipe it off with my hand (there was NOTHING visible on it… but I wiped it to at least make myself feel less guilty for cooking the kids a pizza I dropped on the floor!!!LOL)… but then it went right into the pan and looked absolutely delicious all baked!!!  (400 degrees would kill any germs, right??? haha)  My Mom said something to "C" about it and he got grossed out UNTIL I reminded him that he would not hesistate to drop his candy or something on the floor and pick it up and eat it!!!  We’ve always had the "12 second rule" at our house!!! 

     OK… typing that paragraph made me think about how my brother and I had a conversation once about dirt consumption.  LOL.  He said something like "people who worry about dropping something and not eating it don’t realize how much actual dirt they consume in their lifetime!"  haha  So… I just tried to find a statistic of some sort to add to my blog… but all I found out was that eating dirt has a name.  "Geophagy" which is defined as "the practice of eating earthy matter, esp. clay or chalk, as in famine-stricken areas".  ICK and sad at the same time!  But now I don’t feel so bad about letting the kids eat a "almost completely clean" pizza.  haha.  I also like a quote from an article I found about that… "How dangerous is eating dirt? My mother was pretty certain about this—d*** dangerous".  But then I like this quote that the author also wrote "My children ate dirt with surprising gusto, garden soil, road soil, leaf-mush soil, sod soil, bug-body soil—even gutter soil" haha.  HOW in the world did I get on this topic???  OH YA… Pizza.

     So… I was talking about dinner and my Mom coming over!! LOL  I had to put the quote about a Mother because my Mom refused to try my pizza!!!  haha We were laughing again about it on the phone earlier!  I took some pictures of Baby "E" saying his good-byes to her as she left to go home and eat CLEAN leftover spaghetti with my Dad!! LOL

"BAAAAAAAA" (he is SO sweet!!!)

     Once the kids were finished dinner I had them get into their jammies and they spent the rest of the evening playing upstairs while I finished dishes and getting things ready for the evening šŸ™‚

     I had a little issue with "Z" at bedtime because I had told her I’d read to her before bed… but that I wanted to choose the book.  (because I buy tons at Goodwill and wanted to read something we had never read before).  She got a VERY bad attitude and said "no… then I choose NOT to read if I can’t pick the book out".  Needless to say… she went to bed without a story and we talked about how she needs to work on obeying me.  I didn’t spank her (because I also knew she was SO tired and weepy all evening before that) so I was gracious and just told her that next time she would get a spanking if she demanded her way like that!

     DH got home at 8:30 and we had a nice and relaxing evening!!  He worked out and I knit more of Muffin’s daughter’s wool longies (I’m working on the 2nd leg now!!  I can’t wait for her to get them in the mail so I can send you a pic of her in them!!!)  It was a good night except I think Baby "E" is cutting a molar.  He was up at 12:30AM and then at 5AM… but then went back to sleep until 7AM.  I’ll talk more about that when I write about today’s Boot Camp!

     In Christ, B





  1. Again what an inspiration your post was to me. šŸ™‚ I so enjoy reading your day w/ your kids & hubby. šŸ™‚

  2. Your boot camp sounds wonderful and like you are achieving the desired results. I enjoyed reading the article about it in the post below. The pics are great as usual! I loved the story about dropping the pizza. I would have done the exact same thing!! (and I have) LOL. Holly

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