Posted by: purityseekers | September 21, 2006


     For a while now… I have, as usual, gotten VERY focused on different aspects of getting our life more consistent… but of course another area of my life has gone down the tubes!!!

     I have NOT been planning ahead for our main meal of the day and I feel very unmotivated in that area and can see that everyone is getting bored with meals!!!

     I still love the idea of having lots of simple breakfast during the week (p.butter toast, fruit, etc) and a “snack lunch” most of the time for our 2nd meal of the day (wheat cracker, cheese, nuts, fruit, raw carrots, etc.) but I really think that almost everyday we should have a nice, hot meal to enjoy!!  I have failed at that lately.  I used to be the Crockpot Queen… but now, as my subject header… I am going to try to get myself into major “Crockpot Crunch” mode!!!  (NO…I didn't say “Captain Crunch” haha)  It is time to take action and plan some easy but delicious meals for my family!!!!  Meals I can prepare at the start of the day when I have energy… and enjoy at the end of the day!!!

     I have decided that I will get my focus on woman's best friend, the crockpot, because it makes a lot, slow cooking is always awesome, it is very versatile, and makes life SO easy!!!

     If any of you have your favorite crockpot recipes… please send them to me in an email and I would love to start a “Crockpot Crunch” section of my blog!  I mean… your VERY favorite crockpot recipes that the whole family enjoys!  Mine would be my chili recipe.  I got it from my SIL's father…and it is SOOOO good!!  I have made it SO many times that I know the recipe by heart and it takes minutes to put together!  But I need more recipes that are kid favorites!!!

     SO… to get my focus off from “Boot Camp” a little now that the first 2 weeks is winding down… I want to try to balance a bit and get my main meal planning in order!! 

     🙂 Thanks for your help!!  Love, B



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