Posted by: purityseekers | September 20, 2006

Sign Language With Kids…

     I have love the idea of doing sign language with babies for as long as I can remember.  The only problem was that I never really took it very seriously.  I think the REAL problem was what I am dealing with during Boot Camp… consistency!!!  I'd want to do it… but never stuck with it!

     I can say, though, that American Sign Language is one area I am not inconsistent with these days!!!  I always taught a few signs to my little ones… but took it really serious when Sweet “L” was born.  I just was determined to actually teach more than just “please” and “more”!!  So… I started teaching myself more signs and would teach her along the way.  Even though she didn't do many at first… I would still do them to show her that I was using my hands to speak the words I was also speaking with my mouth.  At the age of 2 all I have to do is say “L… show me “cracker” and she'll sign it” (IF she's in a good mood LOL)

     I had posted a section on the right about ASL but didn't have the idea to post pix of kids signing until my friend, “T” sent me an email the other day.  It was full of pix of her daughter signing!!  I am going to post pix of her in this email… since she was my inspiration to post more pix!!  Then I'll post more in other entries!  If anyone reading this also has a passion for signing with their children… feel free to send me pix and I'll post them as a seperate entry and link it on my ASL section in my sidebar!

     Here she is… I'll write the word she's signing and then post the picture!





and her current favorite…”AIRPLANE”

     Isn't that the sweetest???  I just love watching kids sign!!!  Although “L” can talk now… I am glad she is signing.  I am teaching all of my children as their 2nd language!!  I know that I took 6 years of french in school… but that didn't help when I ended up working with 2 deaf men at the Post Office before I had children!!!  So… I think that is why it is even more of a passion of mine… knowing I could have communicated with them if I had taken ASL!!!

     Thanks, “T”, for the awesome pix!!  You are a good Mommy!!!  🙂 B





  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog. My two oldest, have really been interested in signing. I’m sure my two younger would pick up on it as well, as we are a pretty close knit family ;0) A nice way of saying we are all in each others face. lol Anyway, I would love to teach them. I have a book from when my daughter was little, and we thought she wouldn’t learn to speak for a while (long story, she was given a bad dpt vaccine at 6 months that caused seizures daily for 16 months) Just when I purchased the book, she started speaking. All glory to the Lord. Thanks for any info you may have.

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