Posted by: purityseekers | September 20, 2006

My Sweet "L"~~ Signing some words she knows…

     One of the first words my Sweet “L” learned to sign was “WORK” because I'd say “where is Daddy?” and then I'd say “he's a WORK” and sign “work” to her!   To sign “work”… you tap your right wrist on top of your left wrist… this is “L's” variation (which is common for kids to do it the way they find easiest)…

To sign “Milk” you just squeeze your hands like you are milky a cow:

Her newly mastered sign… “CRACKER”… you hit your elbow into your palm!  I sign this one all the time with Baby “E” (who eats LOTS of crackers!) and today he tried to sign it by hitting his fists together!!  It was SOOOO cute!!!

This is “L's” variation of “APPLE”… (which is supposed to be signed with the thumb of your closed hand twisting at the cheek) … she has always used her pointer…

and the ever famous… and very important sign… “POOP” hehe  Yes… kinda like the ol' “Pull my finger” trick ROFL… except instead of pulling someone else's finger… you pull your own!! haha I am cracking myself up!

and this is the sign “L” learned this week… “Bear”… she does a variation of this too… you are supposed to cross your arms and grab opposite shoulders and bring your hands down like you are clawing like a bear…

This is “L” putting the signs “little” and “bear” to use before watching her favorite show… Yup… you guessed it…


“Bear” (and she was growling…hehe)

     She also knows other signs like “please” and “want”… I think there are more but I am too tired to think of what they are!!!  I'll make sure to add more as she learns more and as I take pix!!  I'll have to add some of my other kids signing too!!! 

     I have taught myself a lot more than they know because then I can sign and they can see me!!  I sign the alphabet a lot with them.  Like tonite I did it during the time we did Awana verses at mealtime.  (I have always loved to learn the signs to scripture verses too!!!)  Then after I did the A,B,C's… I had Big Guy “C” sign his name and he did it real good and fast!!

     So… hope you'll all get encouraged to sign with your kids and send in some pix!!

 (“I Love You”) In Christ, B






  1. Thanks for welcoming me. After reading your comment I had a lot more confidencce to homeschool Alissa. Your little girl is very cute. My husbands great grandfather’s name was Aiden. Thanks again.


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