Posted by: purityseekers | September 20, 2006

Boot Camp Day # 12

     Well… we are winding down the first 2 weeks of Boot Camp and today seems to be the most peaceful day yet and I know why.

     Last night I was determined to get things ready for the morning!  I just don’t do that enough!!!  Right after I thought about it… I got my Flylady email called "Getting Ready For Tomorrow".  I didn’t do all 7 things:

1. Lay out your clothes for tomorrow
2. Take a few minutes for yourself
3. Check your Calendar for Tomorrow’s Events
4. Spend 2 minutes clearing off your Hot Spots
5. Shine your sink
6. Wash your face, moisturize, brush your teeth and floss
7. Go to bed at a decent hour
     BUT… I did lay out clothes, got all the kids schoolwork planned for the day, wrote a "day plan" that listed exactly how I wanted my day to go, hour by hour, I got my cloth dipes stuffed and ready for AM and caught up on some laundry (including DH’s work clothes).  I actually went to bed at a pretty decent hour and knitted for a while and I shut my light out at about 10:30… that is pretty good for me!

     Getting the dipes ready also helped because Baby "E" was wet in the middle of the night and I had dipes right there where I could grab them easily.  Being prepared is awesome!!  I’ve had WAY too many unprepared moments!!

     I had all the kids (but the baby~~who slept until after 8!) ready for the day before 7:30, so they watched tv until I called them into the kitchen to sit and wait for breakfast:


As usual… there was one kid that had to wait until everyone had been served: 

(does the name Middle Boy "A" sound familiar?? LOL) because he was rude to me and refused to go to the bathroom for a spank.  He saw that Sweet "L" had a little cup of Cheerios and he wanted some but I said he’d have to wait just a minute because it almost time to sit down to eat.  He said "but "L" has some!" and I explained that she was only 2 and Dad gave her some but he is older and can patiently wait.  Not sure that is completely fair… but I knew if he had some then the others would want some and I knew he could wait until they were sitting.  SO, after the spank I told him he would have to be served last at breakfast time. 

     I went over their Awana verses during their meal and "E" woke up so I nursed him while we did verses.  I told the kids that schoooling would start at 9AM so they had about 1/2 hour to play.  While they played really good upstairs, I fed Evan breakfast and hung out with "L".  She was pretending to cook in her kitchen under our stairs, so I kept having to taste test her "yummies".  She kept saying what sounded like "more balls" but after she explained it and said it more clearly… she was saying "meatballs".  hehe.  She is so sweet!!  She is saying "more yummy bites" right now to Baby "E"…hehe. (see…I am doing my entry off and on through the day!!  It is almost 9AM and I’ll stop and school and then do a little more blogging here and there!!!  I’m getting better at this!!)

     I’m back and it is now almost 7:45 PM!  I learned a lesson today after adding to this entry during quiet time.  I need to make sure to "save as draft" here and there as I add pix and things because I had typed for SO long and added lots of pictures and then clicked out by mistake and lost it ALL!!!  UGH!!!

     My plan was to write off and on all day so that once DH was home I wouldn’t have to do much to send out the post!!!  So… I am going to try to make this a shortened version!!! 

     School went GREAT!!  I ended up having all the kids in the DR and it worked out perfectly because "E" was in his high chair so I wheeled him in with the kids and he had fun watching!!  

     He loved it when I’d show him the flashcard’s I’ve made for our "Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons" book!  I’d say the sounds and he got a big kick out of it!!


Here’s Big Guy "C" doing a workbook page…

"Z" and "A" doing theirs…

and "L" coloring 🙂

     When the kids were done they watched "Rudolph" (LOL) while I got ready so that we could run errands.  We don’t do "Santa" at our house… but they love all the shows!  I wish I had them taped when I was a kid… it was so hard waiting for the ONE day you could see it each year!!! 

     We left for the appt. and ended up getting home at about 12:30… just in time for lunch!  Then I settled everyone around for "Quiet Time".  Baby "E" went to sleep first… he was exhausted!!  Then I got Sweet "L" tucked in, after I made her bed up.  Today was "bed stripping" day 🙂  She looked so cute once she finally fell asleep… (I’ll explain the FINALLY, in a minute)

This is exactly what she and her babies looked like when I walked in… the baby doll on the left is lookin’ a little funny without clothes!!! haha  "L" almost looks like she’s faking sleep… but it’s the real deal!

I thought she was going to nap really good early on, until I went up and her light was on and she was all smiles.  She wasn’t all smiles after this…

This is what her lightswitch looked like after I got done with it:

I left the room listening to "NO TAPE!!!!"… "NO NIGHT NIGHT!!!!"  It didn’t take long for her to calm down and fall asleep after that!  PHEW!!!

Big Girl "Z" did a few crafts during her quiet time.  She created her own puzzle out of square pieces of paper… and then made an angel and some hearts and crosses…

Big Guy "C" made a block ship for his army men…

and Big Girl "Z" ended up playing army men with him after she was done with crafts…

Now onto Middle Boy "A"…LOL  He was doing SO good in his room being quiet… he set up his train on his stripped bed… then asked if I’d set up his blue track…

     He was having so much fun and being SO good… UNTIL I went into the LR to take the pix of "C" and "Z" playing army men.  He was on the stairs and said "I don’t want to stay in my room".  I said "A… we talked about this last night and before quiet time… you HAVE to stay in your room until I say "Quiet Time" is over.  He refused to go upstairs and then refused to go in the bathroom for a spanky wanky.  SO… I led him calmly to the "spank"room (don’t know why I call it a bathroom… lately there have been WAY more spanks than baths taken in there!! LOL)  After disciplining, we walked upstairs and had another talk and then he was great!

     Once everyone was up I just let them play while I cleaned around the house and made pizza dough.  Then DH was home at 5:30 and we made pizza and I went over the kids Awana verses again while they were at the dinner table. 

     Then we cleaned up dishes and started getting the kids ready for bed.  DH is SO cute… he said "I need a double stuffed Fuzzi Bun"…hehe  He is completely accustomed to cloth dipes now and never complains!!  We haven’t used a disposable for at least a couple weeks, if not closer to a month!  We were using them here and there if I hadn’t kept up on laundry… but once we ran out I said "NO MORE!!!"  That motivated me to HAVE to keep up on laundry!!! 

     Speaking of that… my first real LONG outing going ALL CLOTH was to my friend, C’s for her daughter’s 1st bday.  I just brought plenty of CD’s and my wet bag left that outside because both of my diapered kids ended up pooping while we were there.  If anyone that CD’s their kids reads this… let me know what outings are like for you.  I find the wet bag smells really bad… but it didn’t smell on the way home, riding with it in the back of the van.  (but P.U. when I got home to empty it!!!)  But…that’s life with kids anyway… can’t really avoid smelly stuff… so why not deal with it for the positive things cloth offers!!!

     OK… got sidetracked a bit!!!  Anyway… now we have 4 kids in bed and "C" is in our room reading.  He played 2 games of UNO with DH after taking a shower.  DH is working out while he is watching a movie and I am going to go in and join him… but instead of working out… I am going to knit!!  😉

     BUT… before that… I have to do what I did last night… GET READY FOR TOMORROW!!!!  This time I AM going to do the "clean my hot spots" like the Flylady would say!!!  My island it cluttered and needs to be spotless before I go to bed!!!  I hate waking up to a mess!!!

     So… I am outta here!!!  See ya tomorrow when I post about the day before the 2 week mark!!

     In Christ, B 




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