Posted by: purityseekers | September 19, 2006

Spanking in public & friends disobedient kids…

This post is in regards to Susie's Chatter Box question (which I love that, by the way… no one has asked me anything in my Chatter Box that required me writing an entry!  😉 Thanks!)

     I never discipline in public.  I never discipline in front of anyone.  (UNLESS its one of my little ones that require immediate spanks… like my 2 year old during a diaper change… I sometimes discipline them in front of a sibling) We always take our child to a bathroom no matter where we are.  Like Walmart, for instance… we have taken them halfway across the store to get to a bathroom for discipline because if we didn't …they would be horrible the rest of our time shopping!  I think back to times that we didn't… and it not only made our life awful for that period of time… but it showed our inconsistency!  I also believe that not taking that time shows that it just isn't important enough.  Some may say that it would give that child attention or something so they may do it more often… I say that when they get that spank time in the bathroom that they won't want to go through that again AND it shows we care enough to stop everything to get them to obey. 

     Some people may say “what if someone reports you?”  The way I discipline… no one would hear much of anything in a public bathroom.  I talk calmly and then just spank 2 swats on their bare buns and then it's over.  I honestly just don't worry about stuff like that.  I would be cautious… I mean… I would probably be careful if I felt that someone was there listening to me or something.  That is just common sense.  But in most cases… I would just march them into a stall as if we were in there to use the potty and then do my disciplining and leave.

     As for other people's naughty kids in my house LOL THAT is a good subject.  I like Muffin's response…that I would ignore it. (that is true to a point)  I think that if the parent is right there and decides to not discipline… as long as its not harming my children I would just let it be.  UNLESS I knew the person real good… then I might say something to try to help the situation.  OR I might say something like “please give that toy back to Aidan… he had it first” if I saw a child grab a toy away or something.  But like Muffin's naughty kids (LOL)… I would wait until she turned around and then I'd throw something at them.  ROFL… JUST KIDDING!!!  I just figure I leave the disciplining (or lack of LOL) to the parents unless it directly affects my kids in a bad way.  

     But like I said… if I know the person good enough… and they know me good enough… we'd probably end up talking about the issue.  Anyone who knows me knows that my children are a passion of mine and I try daily to be a better parent and please God… but that I am FAR from perfect!!  I am pretty easy to talk to, I think.   I would offer help if I could see the parent was just out of their mind trying to control a kid or something like that.  I've kinda been there~~ done that, when it comes to different kid personalities so I just try to give advice when people ask… then let them do what they feel led to do.

     Hope I helped!!  I'd love anyone to comment and give their input on these 2 subjects!!!  THANKS!!  In Christ, B




  1. I don’t like to discipline in public either. One time we were waiting in the car for my hubby and my son had a tantrum. I automatically swatted him and then noticed a lady sitting in the car next to me. I was a little worried, but I knew my son needed the swat. We do the bathroom spank too if needed. These days, not many people agree with spanking, even some Christians.

    Blessings, Mlpinky

  2. I live in a very liberal area in the US, and so I don’t spank in public either. I have spanked in the van, and sometimes in an empty bathroom. I love my blue spanking tool…I think they are the best! The company that sells them is going out of business, so now is the last chance to get them. They are much better than a wooden spoon, as they have some flex to them.

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