Posted by: purityseekers | September 19, 2006

Boot Camp Days 9 & 10

     Wow…do I have some catching up to do!!!

     I really don’t have a ton to write about these two days because they were DH’s days off and we spent a lot of the time cleaning up in our room and organizing our spare bathroom (which is just an unfinished room that will someday be a bathroom!)  The kids played good together and we just worked our tails off!!!  Day #10 was when I had talked to "Muffin" in the midst of our sorting and she brought up the word "minimalism".  I am always thinking and trying to make my life easier and after our conversation… that is when I decided to blog about it!

     I’ll be blogging about one of my ideas in my next "minimalistic madness" posts so I won’t show any pix… BUT… we not only organized… but we got rid of 2 big garbage bags full of clothes and other things to donate!!  WOO HOO!!  And I sorted ALL the kids clothes, including packed away sizes to re-group and see what fit now and what boxes had things I knew I’d never put the kids in.  I feel SO good now that all of their clothes are in order!! 

     Here are 2 cute pix of my husband and our youngest son, Baby "E"… DH was taking "E’s" shirt off and left it like this so I could get a picture of how cute he looked!


     Day #9 we left to pick up my oldest son (at 5)  at his father’s (he goes every other weekend) and then we went to run errands.  We also decided to use a 1/2 off coupon we had for Dairy Queen and got all the kids banana splits.  Can you say MESSY????  We didn’t have our camera!!!!  Wish we had…because it was actually pretty disasterous and we would not do that again!!!  We should have brought the ice cream home to eat it!!!

     That ended day # 9 and DH and I relaxed and played "10,000" with dice and watched "Extreme Home Makeover".  "10,000"  is fun… if you don’t know what it is… click here for the rules šŸ™‚  I won one game and he won the other and it was a good no-brainer kinda game with minimal cleanup!!!  Gotta love that!! 

     DH is VERY competitive so you’d think a game of chance like that would not be too much of a torment for me… but think again!   There are some parts of the game that are based on choice… so if I chose wrong… he was ALL over me like white on rice!!!  He is relentlous!!!  I’ve always said how he is so sweet to me… but then we play a game and he acts like I am a stranger!!  LOL  Brutal… just brutal!!!  See… I was the baby of the family and always got my way when it came to me crying and carrying on!!! LOL  That just doesn’t work at our house!!  Not with the "T-dog" around!!! 

     Day # 10 we decided to take the kids to the NASA thingy at the State House.  They had a big truck in the parking lot where they held the presentation part… but outside you could get a sticker, a NASA fake tattoo, and your pictures taken as an astronaut!

Here’s the photographer explaining what she was going to be doing… (Lilli was listening carefully & waiting to have her picture taken!)  The photographer was from Huntsville, Alabama which is really close to where Muffin is from… so she thought that was pretty cool that we knew someone that lived so close.  We ended up talking to her a lot of the time… she was really nice!

"Z" getting her picture taken…

and the finished products…





and even little "E" got a piece of the action! LOL

OK… they did pix of me and DH too… but you don’t wanna see those.  No… really you don’t.  UGH… ok… if you insist…

Here I am crossing my eyes and sticking my tongue out at the camera (and holding Baby"E" LOL)

and last but not least… my cute husband… hehe… we made faces so we could send them to Muffin!!!  hehe (and just because we are fun like that!)

here are a few pix of our time inside the NASA truck…it was very cool!!  You could step on things on the floor and make them move…and the movie going on all around you was really neat!!

     It was a really great couple of days and we accomplished a lot and had a lot of fun together!!  The kids were really well behaved and needed little discipline!  (I didn’t say "NO" discipline… I said "little"…hehe)

šŸ™‚ B



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