Posted by: purityseekers | September 19, 2006

Boot Camp Day # 11

     I am hoping to get this entry out on the actual day we did Boot Camp!!!  That would be a feat and a half!!!  Lately I have not been very consistent (ugh…there’s that word again!!!) at getting entries on here!!!

    DH went back to work today so we had some normalcy in our routine!  I was also bound and determined to keep focused!! 

     I will admit that it is almost 5:30 and DH will be home soon and I am in my jammies LOL.  I just figured I’d get that right out in the open and then feel I can move on guiltless!  The children are all dressed… so I’m not doing THAT bad!

     I made sure, today, that at mealtimes I did the regular Boot Camp ritual of having the kids sit on the kitchen floor before I served their meals. 

     They bickered a bit to each other… but submitted nicely!

I had Sweet "L" and Baby "E" at the table just because at their ages its easier to confine them!!  πŸ™‚ 

     I had to deal a little with "can I help, Mom?"… although I have told them that during Boot Camp (which will last until I really see complete changes in our routine and consistency!!!) I cannot change the rules or else everything will get out of control.  If one child says "can I help" and I let them… all of a sudden I will have 2…3…4 kids out of control crying because THEY can’t help!!!  So… I need order and rules.  I told them that when Boot Camp is done… I will start assigning jobs and helpers so that I don’t end up with arguments and craziness in my kitchen at mealtime!

     I ate with them at breakfast time and we went over all of their Awana verses.  Middle Boy "A" doesn’t have his Cubbie book yet but since he has only one more verse to learn before he gets his book, I cheated and read to him out of Big Girl "Z’s" old Cubbie book LOL.  He learned his other verse so fast that its hard to not have something to keep him going!  So it’s kinda nice since all 3 of the older kids are in different groups… they all learn from each other πŸ™‚

     My Sister, Niece, and Gr. Nephew, came over to drop off muffins my niece had made for us!  They stayed and chatted for a while!  Baby "E" always loves to play with my Gr. Nephew!!  They are 2 months apart in age… my Gr. Nephew will turn 1 in November!

He crawls really cute… it’s like a little crab crawl…(they call him "Gimpy" haha)

     After they left I did this and that through the day making sure to do random "yes Ma’am" training.  They do really well, overall.  BUT… there are moments that don’t go so well.  Let’s move on to talking about QUIET TIME.

     As soon as lunch was over (which was our typical snack lunch AND my niece’s muffins…MMMMM), I got "L" & "E" down for their naps.  Then I sent "A" into his room and had his cars, blocks and trains in there for him to play with.  Then I got "C" doing a section of his C.A.T.

(and while I timed him I’d go and do some dishes between testing sections) and "Z" did a few pages of her Reading workbook and then drew for a while. 

     Everything was going just fine UNTIL… Middle Boy "A’s" other personality walked down the stairs.  LOL.   

     He wanted to stay out of his room, but he knows the rule is that he needs to have quiet time until the younger kids wake up.  SO… he refused to go back upstairs.  I spanked him and he refused again.  After another spank… he went upstairs.  

     Everything was going just fine UNTIL… HE CAME BACK!!!!  "I want to stay downstairs!" So… the spankings continued and it seemed as if he would NEVER have his will broken!!!  I even got to the point that I said "A… I hope you are going to walk out of this bathroom with a good attitude because I don’t want to have to spank you again!  And you know you don’t WANT another spanking… so control yourself!!!!"  He finally went up to his room and cried and fell asleep!!!  PHEW!!!


So the house was quiet for a while.  Then "Z" and "A" went outside for a while while the others slept.  The collected leaves and things in paper bags…

     That was our day!  DH is home now and we will get the kiddos off to bed and then try to relax a bit!!!  I have some knitting I want to work on (Doodlepants for Muffin’s baby daughter) I’d post a pic of how much I’ve done… but she doesn’t want to know what I got for wool… it’s a surprise!  I’ll post them once I know they are in her possession!! πŸ˜‰ Instead of a Doodlepants pic…I’ll just post a pic of her since she is so darn cute in her little cloth dipes!!

     OH…and I just realized that is one of the jammie tops of my girls!!!  AWWWW.  That is a funny little story.  I sent Muffin a big, fat box of girl clothes for her baby and DH didn’t specify how we wanted it shipped so the lady sent it out overnight!!!!  LOL  I couldn’t believe it when Muffin said she had them already!!!!  We got the bill and it was something like $120!!!  ROFL  We were able to let them know the mistake and they credited us the amount that we shouldn’t have been charged.  For a while that was one expensive box of hand-me-downs!!!

     OK…I have had some "ME" time and now I want to help DH with the kids!  He got dinner tonite… he is so sweet!!!  Now it’s time to get the kids in jammies and off to bed!

     Tomorrow is Day #12… I know that Boot Camp is supposed to run about 14 days… but I know we are not where I want us to be.  If we had been super focused and disciplined every single day… I’d consider Boot Camp coming to an end.  BUT… this may take a while!!!  UGH.  At least I am trying and things ARE getting better everyday!!!  Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps!!!

     In Christ, B     





  1. You go, Girl! πŸ™‚ Baby steps…you are an inspiration and encouragement to me! πŸ™‚

  2. You are doing so great! I am so glad I was able to post the boot camp article! Chautona did a great job writing it and it is nice that you and your family are benefitting from it! I have enjoyed reading your daily boot camp posts and I admire your consistancy!

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