Posted by: purityseekers | September 18, 2006

Minimalistic Madness Tip #1

     Even before starting Boot Camp… I got an idea that really simplified one little area of my life!!  BOARD GAMES!!!!

     We had all of our games stacked up on a couple shelves so that when the kids wanted a game… they had to attempt to get it from under the stack of games!!  This led to other games on the floor, temptation to open the other games and play with the pieces, games getting mixed up, things getting lost, etc!!  CHAOS!!! 

     One day I had a bright idea!!  What if I got rid of all the boxes and just had the pieces in one place??  So… I took all the pieces & rules (which sometimes requires you to cut literally cut them from the box!) and put them in gallon sized Ziplock bags!  I labeled them and put them in a bucket with their game boards!!  I am glad I took pictures to show the ladies on my Christian yahoo group…

Here are the boxes ready for the trash!!  WOO HOO!!!

And here are the games all organized in the bucket!!  I just put the game boards together diagnally and put the bags around them and on top. 

     Now… if the kids want to play a game… they know they need to come to me and I will find the game for them and the board and off they go!!   SIMPLE!!!

     Let me know if you ever try this!!!  You could send a pic to my email and I could post it later in this entry OR you could tell me about it and I could post your success story to encourage others!!!

     Come on!!  Let's MINIMALIZE together!!

In Christ, B




  1. I do something similar with games and puzzles … but I store them in one of those plastic 7-drawer carts and use plastic fishing tackle boxes for some game pieces. Some of our newer games are still in original boxes for now, though. I’ll take a picture of how I organize them and post it on my blog this week.
    Blessings ~ Diane

  2. We did the same thing 🙂
    The bulky boxes are gone and zip locks are neatly placed in small bins along with boards stacked side by side on a shelf.

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