Posted by: purityseekers | September 17, 2006

Boot Camp # 8

Let’s see… DH ended up waking first today and made coffee and woke me up  again… I was tired and heavy headed and felt kinda ICK.  Darn allergies!!!  So we had coffee and he had to head out to work at 8.  I was extra tired after a busy night at Awana with the kids!  I knew I had to motivate, though, because I had to take the kids to our friend’s "J & C’s" house for their daughter’s first birthday!  But… I kinda took it easy and did a little here and there and ended up about 1/2 hour late to her party!  UGH.  BUT… we made it and had a great time!  Since I don’t have too much to blog about actual Boot Camp (since we were just busy busy) I am going to add some pix from the party.  The kids were really good all morning and didn’t need much for discipline.  Before we left was a different story.  Sweet "L" was tired from not napping and I had to get a grip on her before we left.  She had put her sandals on the wrong feet and when I tried to help her she flipped out and kicked and screamed.  I ended up spanking her and she let me help her.  (although she must have taken them off again when I wasn’t looking… because when we were at the party they were on the wrong feet   ~~ at that point I didn’t care… I just let her keep them that way!!! ugh)  Aside from that… the kids were good except for a small amount of bickering in their carseats waiting for me to finish packing the van to leave!


Here’s a pic of our AWESOME friend’s… (I had to say that because they read the blog so I need to butter them up!)… and their youngest daughter… the birthday girl.  Isn’t she sweet?????

Here are Charlie’s "angels"… I say that because you get these 3 together and it’s pretty darned funny at times!!!  Their oldest daughter, a friend, and my "Z"….

Their son had fun riding around in different vehicles… I think it was him that actually almost ran over the birthday girl… and then a friend’s baby LOL… Boys will be boys!!!  I love the front passenger LOL It doesn’t get any cuter than that!!! hehe

"E" had fun playing with a little boy there…

Pinata time!!!  The castle pinata was cool because it had strings the kids could pull… instead of having to whack it!!!  The kids had a blast!!  And now my friend has a nice castle decoration to use another year   I had to say that because the pinata cost WAY more than a regular one and the salesman said it was because you could use the castle as a decoration at another time!!  We just found that funny in a "gimmacky" (not a word…I know) kinda way!!  The things people do to jack up prices!!!

checkin’ out the goods….

Then the kids played in the sandbox and had a blast…

Middle Boy "A"…

"Z"….(gotta love blue lollipops!)

Their oldest daughter again…("Z’s" most favorite buddy!!!)

and Sweet "L"….

Everyone was pooped after the party… including this little guy… I HAD to add this picture because it was so cute!!!

DH was able to come over after work so we stayed and had dinner and then got the kids home and settled for the night!!!  It was a GREAT day!!

🙂 B


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