Posted by: purityseekers | September 16, 2006

Boot Camp Day #7

     Well… we made it through a week’s worth of Boot Camp!!!  I figured since it’s been a week… I’ll write about the day and then how I feel our life has changed over the course of 7 days of good training.

     I have been sleeping past the 5AM alarm (which we actually haven’t set the past few days UGH) and I’ve been waking up heavy headed!  I think it’s allergies or something.  I feel headachy and still tired!  I remember feeling like this at the beginning of Spring too… so I am chalking it up to allergies at this point.

     Oh my son is SO cute… he just came up to me and said "I forgot to take off my Pull-up, Mom" (it is 8:17AM~~  Boot Camp Day #8 as I write) and then he took it off and came out and said "now I only have 2 Pull-ups left".  We put his Pull-ups in a drawer of his bed with his jammies and made it his responsibility to get his jammies and Pull-up on at night.  (he is 4) I am so proud of him that he is not only doing what we asked every night and doing it GREAT… he even is taking inventory!!  How cool is that??  Now I know I need to buy more and don’t have to worry about him coming down some night saying he doesn’t have anymore!!  So…I’ll also chalk that one up as a positive in our Boot Camp training!  Go, "A"!

     OK… where was I??  Our AM started out nice… Troy had to work at 11:30AM so he doesn’t leave home until 11AM.  Sometimes it throws my day off… but I made sure to stick to what I had planned with the kids.  They had breakfast and went over their Awana verses and then I got the smaller kids watching a show and did a section of Big Guy "C’s" C.A.T (Calif. Achievement Test) with him.  DH was making eggs and bacon so we took a break and had some of that…MMMM.

     Then the kids made pictures for my friend youngest daughter who’s 1st birthday party is today!  They did such a good job!   "Z" and "A" also took paper plates and made her "presents" of cute colored faces!  

     Then we didn’t do much actual "training time" but I still incorporate it through our day with everyday stuff.  I will say "Make sure to clean up after you eat.  Yes Ma’am?" and things like that.  And if I get bad attitudes…it’s off to the bathroom for discipline.  I really haven’t had to do that too much in the last few days.  They all have their moments… but are quicker to submit…especially the older ones.  My most difficult lately is my little, sweet, adorable "L:… the spitter, kicker and flailer.  (is that a word???)  She has had some major nutties (stole that fun word from my friend LOL)~~~  seems like she is never happy with anything.  If Daddy goes in to pray and sing… "NO!!!  Mommy pway and shing" (that’s not a typo… I love how she says SHING hehe).  Yesterday it was naptime that I got the major Nut-itude!!!!  She had fallen asleep by her gate but then woke up too early and laid their and cried her eyes out.  I went upstairs and lovingly said "honey…what’s wrong???" and she flailed her body around and I got closer to her and said "honey… what is it?" and she spit at me.  LOL.  I can laugh now… and actually laugh inside when she does it because she doesn’t actually spit anything on me… it’s just a cute little "puh".  If I spank her…she’ll start to do it again and make a spit bubble and act all cute LOL.  ANYWAY… I had to leave her alone a while… went back up to get the whole deal all over again… and then left her gate open and said she could come downstairs when she had calmed down and said she was "sorry".  As I walked away I heard a pathetic "saww-eee" and then she reached her arms up to hug me and have me carry her downstairs.  I put "Little Bear" on and all was good.  KIDS!!!

     The rest of the day was good.  The kids played Legos together on the porch and in our van… and I got things ready for us to go to Awana after dinner.  It was a nice afternoon and the kids were really good!

     You’ll notice I have no pictures about our day.  That is because my friend (very popular in my post today LOL) has my camera because she dropped hers the other day so it isn’t working right!  (ugh… that’s what I did on Middle Boy "A’s" 1st birthday!!!!  So all of our pix were fuzzy… so I am glad she didn’t have this happen for her daughter’s 1st birthday party today!!!)  So… I will post another picture though… what I would call "a bit of history"… just for fun 🙂

     Just a little history first.  My husband and I own my Grandmother’s old house.  I lived her with my Grandmother until she needed to go into a nursing home.  I was going through a difficult divorce (that is another story~~ my ex gave me an ultimatum after 3 LOOONG years of marriage… to either take Big Guy "C" to a shelter… or accept that he smokes pot.  That day my sister called saying my Nana needed someone to take care of her.  About an hour later I was driving away from my in-laws (where we were living because we lost our home due to 6 job losses and his drug and alcohol addiction) with my Dad and my "C"… who was 1 at the time.  To make a long story short… I ended up divorcing and living in my Grandmother’s home.  I met Troy at a bible study at the local Christian bookstore… and the rest is history!!)

     SO… my Nana ended up in a nursing home after falling and died about a year later.  We continued to live here and ended up buying it from my Dad and Uncle last October!  (I have more stories I could tell about my home…but I’m getting off track and will have to do that later!!)

     There IS a reason I shared all that… because it leads to my picture.  My laundry room is in our basement.  One day I looked up and saw what looked like a candy necklace hanging from the ceiling…


     (it is all cobwebby because its a basement… an unfinished, dusty old basement!!!)  I wondered what it was… but just didn’t think much more into it!

     Then the other day I heard my Dad talking to Big Guy "C" and he said "me and your Great Uncle used to play pool downstairs.  If you look around you’ll probably find the beads we used to keep score".  I just thought that was SOOOO cool!!!!  I told him I had always wondered what they were!!!  He said if we looked around we’d find the other set of beads because they each had their own.  I looked and had no luck!  Then yesterday "C" came down when I was doing laundry and he said "Mom!!!!  I found the other beads!!!!"

They looked like someone had taken some off and bent the wire… but they were there!!!  Call me weird (why not, everyone else does LOL) but I find that little piece of history kinda cool!!  Now when I am downstairs doing laundry in my old basement… I think of the good ol’ days when the house was new and my Dad was a teenager playing pool with his little brother!!!  It makes me smile 🙂  I love my Dad!

     I took the kids last night to Awana and we had a great time!!  The kids all did great with their verses & got some little treats and just had a real good evening!  I stayed and helped in "Cubbies" and chased my other 2 little ones around and had a good time myself!  Then when we got home… DH had also just gotten home from work so he helped me get the monkeys to bed!

     So…that ended our 1st full week of Boot Camp.  Now…onto week #2!

🙂 B


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