Posted by: purityseekers | September 14, 2006

Boot Camp Day #6

     Our day started out without an alarm.  My husband got up before everyone and got the coffee going and I got up not long after.  (at about 6:30)  After being up most of the night the night before last… I needed the extra sleep!   Baby "E" slept all night after we got the new humidifier filled and in his room!! 

     The kids spent some time munching on dry Cheerios and watching a little tv while DH got ready for work and I got focused on my day.

     Then he left at about 8AM and after the kids were ready for the day (ok…well maybe just diaper changes~~  I still have a couple in jammies and I am starting this entry at 1:30 PM!!!) I started breakfast.  I just wrote my "Day 5" entry (a day late) and in that entry I talked about something that happened today at breakfast with Middle Boy "A" and juice.  I could go and copy and paste it here but that would be too much work…so if you haven’t read "Day 5" you should!  😉

     The last few days the kids have had fun playing in our van!  I know, I know… the last time I did that they left lights on and the battery died LOL…BUT I have told them if they are going to play in the van they need to respect it.  They have done great!  Some people would think I shouldn’t let my kids play in our vehicle… but I don’t mind.  I always played in my parents car as a kid and I loved pretending to drive!!

     My kids actually have been playing Legos in there.  They just bring a few in and play and have a blast!

     So that is what they did after breakfast and it was nice to have quiet in the house with just Sweet "L" and Baby "E" playing.  "E" still doesn’t feel good so I have been having to give him extra TLC!!! 

     I had him watch a Baby Einstein show for the 1st time and he loved it!  My niece had purchased a bunch on Ebay and I’ve had one of them forever and hadn’t shown him yet!!!  Unlike my other babies…I just kept tv away from him most of his first year!  He really doesn’t show much interest in tv (which I am glad) but will sometimes see something that catches his eye and will watch for a while.  Baby Einstein was one of those shows!!

Yes…he is a climber!!!  I cracked up when I walked into the LR and saw him up on the table!!!  CRAZY KID!!! 

He even managed to get himself down without crashing!!!  Again… some people might say "I wouldn’t let my baby do that!!!"  but… I just don’t really care much!  My kids have always been climbers (and I try to keep my older kids off the furniture to keep it nice…BUT) I’ve always let them climb and stuff in my house.  They scale our big bookshelves (that are built into the wall) and climb up on our upright piano… maybe someday I’ll get to where I don’t want them to… but right now I’m ok with it in most cases.  My older son & daughter are the ones that has shown almost every kid I know how to climb walls in doorways and halls like Spiderman!!  Call me crazy… but I think that’s pretty cool!!! hehe

     Anyway…back to Boot Camp…

     "E" went for a nap at about 11:30 and I got the other kids at the table for lunch and read a few books to them!  I have a bunch that need to go back to the library tonite (and they were ordered from other libraries) so I am trying to get them all read today! 

     Now it is quiet time as I write and the younger 3 are quiet in each of their rooms and Big Guy "C" and Big Girl "Z" are playing army men in the LR and are being SO good!!!  "Z" WAS drawing before playing with "C"… and here is the picture she made of "Sparky" from her Awana Sparks Book 🙂

     I love how she made the heart with her name in it~~ hehe

OK…I will finish this later………..

I’m back! 🙂

     This is actually Boot Camp Day #7 and I am just now getting a chance to finish writing about yesterday!!!

      I got to thinking about what Boot Camp has meant to me.  I am FAR from perfect and haven’t stuck to any certain type of structure completely…but I have tried my hardest to be consistent for the most part!!  Yes… I have failed in many areas… but I have to keep reminding myself that Boot Camp is more for ME than for the kids at this point!!  I need SO much discipline in my own life in order for their lives to fall into place!!

      Reading my bible has been a struggle.  I will make sure to read with the kids and practice their memory verses and things… but still haven’t planned a certain time for myself to read God’s word.  That will come.

      DH was home yesterday at 5:30 and I had plans to high tail it out the door and go to the library ALONE!!  I like how the woman who wrote the Boot Camp article said that she found she HAD to do that after each day because it was hard for her to have to be around her kids SO much during the training time.  I love being around my kids… but I can relate!!  Instead of taking "me" time through the day quite a bit here and there… Boot Camp really makes it necessary to be on top of your kids 24/7 until they show signs things are really changing!  I have backed off quite a bit… but I’m not so sure I should!!!!

      So… last night I helped DH get the kids ready for bed and I got my little man, Evan, to bed before I left.  I had such a good time!!!  I just went to the library and returned books and videos and got a few books I had on hold… and then I went to "Goodwill".  That is a typical "Mom evening out" for me.  I HAD to take a pic to share with you my thrift store finds!!!  And I think it’s funny because I managed to find a copy of "The Tightwad Gazette" too!! haha  PERFECT for me!!

Here are my goodies: (and I have to say right now that my total for all was $14!!!) WOO HOO!!!!  The Focus on the Family book you’ll see in pic #2 would have cost THAT!!!

A "Uno Madness" game, Yahtzee, a pair of brand new knee highs that I will make some more "Baby Leg’s" out of (for Sweet "L")….

and books… I ALWAYS get a lot of books!!!  I got a "like brand new" hard cover book put out by Focus On The Family… and A,B,C book about who God is called "God Say I AM"…(which I read to the kids this AM and its SO cute!!!)… and the other 2 books you see (all in perfect condition!!!)

and then all these miscellaneous books… including the Tightwad Gazette… a Thomas book the same as one I JUST returned to the library (Middle Boy "A" was SO excited!), a few Magic Schoolbus books, a Blue’s Clues book about Magenta getting glasses (for Sweet "L" because of her love for "guckies" hehe)… and a bunch more!!!  I always pick up the "easy readers" to add to my collection for the kids for homeschooling too!

    So that ended my Boot Camp Day #6… ME RELAXING ALONE!!!!!  DH ended up having a pretty good evening with the kids except for my 2 year old was having a nutty when I left… and continued to until she finally fell asleep about 1/2 hour after I left!  She has a horrible habit of spitting when she’s mad… and she wasn’t getting her own way so needed spankings and just kept on being horrible so DH just shut her door and she eventually fell asleep after screaming!!!

     Now I have to start my Boot Camp Day #7 entry because we are already 1/2 way into it!!!!  I’ll try to post that tonite at some point… although we have Awana so I’m not sure if I will get the chance to!!  UGH… it ain’t easy bein’ me!!!  LOL

🙂 B 


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