Posted by: purityseekers | September 14, 2006

Boot Camp Day #5

     Since my S went back to work after having Monday and Tuesday off… yesterday was my Boot Camp day #5!

     I have found (which is actually obvious if I had really thought about it) that when your kids are sick, you can still do Boot Camp but it is definitely different than a normal day!

     These next 2 pictures can kinda give you a little idea of what our day was like here and there:

     Yup… lots of boob tube time and veggin’ on the computer…BUT… I have also found that since the kids ARE getting used to behaving better… life is getting easier and more relaxed.  It doesn’t take much for me to get them into submission to me!  I love that after looking back at the last few months of craziness…that it only took a few tough days of intense training to make our daily life really nice and pretty darn peaceful most of the time!

     I also added some homeschooling back into the mix!!  I had taken a few days to just focus on discipline.  Yesterday I made sure that Big Guy "C" did some schoolwork (I am doing the California Achievement Test with him just for my own knowledge…so he did a section of that) and I made sure the kids did more creative things than just training with me a good majority of the day.

     I have found that I DO need my own type of routine when it comes to a naptime and things like that.  I tried the "everyone rest" thing…but that just doesn’t really work for me.  The main problem is that my 1 year old needs an earlier nap than the rest.  AND I like to take that time to spend with the others reading and doing things that is hard to do when the baby is up!  SO… I have kinda gone back to my original "quiet time" rules.  My 2 year old goes in her room for her nap, my 4 year old to his room to play with his trains, cars and blocks, and my other 2 decide what they will do and what room they’ll do it in.  Yesterday they played Legos quietly together in the LR.  Eventually Middle Boy "A" came down and asked if he could play too and they all got along great until Sweet "L" got up.  In the meantime…I got to play with Baby "E" and spend some good quality time with him!

     I am still having the kids come to the kitchen to sit on the floor before I serve a meal… but if they are interested in a show and are being nice and quiet…I’ll let them do that.  Right before the meal is ready to be served I chose, one at a time, a child to go into the bathroom to wash up before their meal.  Then when they come out I call on the next child, etc.  Then once the meal is ready I start with "ladies first" and have the girls take their plates one by one to the table…then the boys.  If someone has been naughty before the meal, they need to be served last. 

    That happened this AM.  Middle Boy "A" came up to me while I was making "E’s" Cream of Wheat and he demanded "I’m thirsty!  I want some juice!"  And I said "A, I will be giving you some juice with your meal, but you need to be patient and wait until I tell you it’s time to eat".  He did NOT like that and said "I want juice NOW!!!!" and so it was off to the bathroom!  He took a while to submit…kept fussing and saying "I’m thirsty!!!!!"  Once he calmed down and they all were sitting on the floor waiting patiently he said "can I have juice now before I eat??? I’m thirsty NOW!!!!" and so I said "now that you have shown you can’t be patient, I will be serving you last".  He sobbed but didn’t continue to disobey.  When I told him his meal was ready he walked up to me with his head hanging low, knowing he made a mistake and would have been served before that.  By then he had forgotten about the juice and was happy to have cinnamon toast.  Funny he didn’t ask about juice AT ALL and I didn’t serve until they were almost done their meals!! hehe Silly old kids!!!

     Last night I did my favorite "conveyor belt bath"… where I fill the tub a little and have one child take a bath JUST to get washed and NO playing… and once they are out, the next child gets in and I add a bit more water… I do this until all of my younger 4 are bathed and then my oldest takes a quick shower (and I mean 3 minutes TOPS~~  JUST enough time to wash and not dilly dally around in there!  He can EASILY take a 20 minute shower and when I say to get out he’ll say "ok… I just have to wash up first!"  UGH LOL!!!  So…I started at 6:30 and all kids were bathed and ready for bed by 7:15… NICE!!! 

     I then had them come upstairs to read with me in the baby’s room.


I read "The Princess and The Kiss" to them for the first time!!  I bought it a few weeks ago but had not read it to them yet!!!  I LOVE it and am going to make sure it is a frequent read!!!  Tonite I will be reading "The Prince and the Squire"!

Here’s "C" and "Z" holding the book making fish kisses 🙂


     They were SO good and then I sent the older 4 downstairs to get a drink and go potty while I got "E" to bed.  I made sure to yell down once to say "come back up to your rooms and wait for me!" and they did!!!  I prayed with each of them alone and then sang to them all one song!  I have always liked to pray with them seperately… but will pray all at once if I am in a big hurry.  I also used to sing a song to each of them but that gets a little crazy and takes SO long that now I try to just sing a group song!!  (Usually… "Nothin’ but the blood of Jesus" or "Mary did you know"…those are their favorites!) 

     So they day ended smoothly!!  I then just got some things organized for morning and DH came home from work and we relaxed a bit and hit the sack!!  He had stopped at Walmart on his way home to pick up a humidifier for "E’s" room since he was so miserable the night before because of his cold!!  He was up every 1/2 hour and DH and I both got very little sleep!  And I don’t know about you…but a vaporizer always helped me sleep better when I was sick! 

     I am very picky about humidifiers…and had this talk with a friend yesterday about how simple they were when we were kids.  Just fill the darn thing and it blew nice cool mist in your face!!! Nowadays there are all new fangled things with expensive filters and stuff.  I think the one she found at Walmart (which I want to get) is this one

     The Vick’s Ultrasonic (It sound more like the one she described)… but the only one we could find was Vick’s Filter Free.  I like it… BUT… it shuts off at a certain humidity level and I don’t want it to do that!!  Although it’s cool that it does that… I don’t care if my windows are dripping (hehe) I want the sound to stay on all night!!  I am all about the sound!  (am I getting off track?  I know I am supposed to be talking about Boot Camp… but I’m on a roll!! haha)  So… I am going to check around to see if we can find the Ultrasonic also because it has the directional thingy at the top so you can point the mist!  Ours just shoots the water up from the top.

     Anyway… now that you have seen my incredibly compulsive side…I will move on to starting my "Boot Camp Day #6" entry.  The kids are having quiet time so I am relaxing at the puter!

 ðŸ™‚ B




  1. Hi Bridget, I recently discovered your site (I think, it was off Tiany’s) and have been enjoying my visit. You sound just like me w/ saying “directional thingy”. 🙂 You were such an encouragement w/ sharing your day of bootcamp & simply your time w/ your children. 🙂

    God’s blessings to you,

  2. hehe I have the same one as Cindy. I love it as well.
    Keep up the good work……


  3. Good info Bridget! I love the cloth wipes! If the Lord gives us more children, I’ll have to try the cloth wipes. I bet it saves alot of money too!

    The first night of Awanas was so cool! The big kids all helped the little kids with the games. They are all homeschooled, so they are used to helping younger kids. My 5 year old watched those big kids really close. He was really looking up to them. It was a perfect set up, and the whole family is involved.


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