Posted by: purityseekers | September 13, 2006

Homemade Cloth Diaper Wipes…

     Along with cloth diapering… I decided a few months back to also get away from paper diaper wipes. 

     I made my own for a long time using paper towel.  I'd cut the roll in half (big pain in the buttski) and then pull out the middle and put it in a solution I made of baby soap and oil.  It was great back then and I loved it!!!  You could easily pull them out from the middle and there were strong and smelled great.  I made them a lot for women having baby showers and would give them the recipe and all the stuff to make them themselves!

     BUT… what I have found that I like better is CLOTH!!!  It is SO much faster and easier and I can wash them and have less waste!!  This is what mine look like:

I simply fill my bucket with water ( I used purified because we have a Big Berkey) and to the water I add 1-2 drops of tea tree oil (which is VERY strong and that's all you need) and a few squirts of liquid soap.  This one is a natural lavendar soap I found in the organic section of Hannaford… but you can use any kind of baby soap or nice smelly liquid body wash!  “Muffin” had told me about tea tree oil and I see it's great for keeping the water from getting that musty smell that can happen when the wipes have sat too long (although I use all mine up in one day!!!) and it's good for cuts and things normally…so it can't hurt to help keep diaper area cleansed and soothed!  I just drop my wash cloths into the solution and when they have soaked up most of the water I add more wash cloths until I have to push them all in with my hand to soak up most of the water.  No matter what though…I usually end up having to ring them out before the diaper change!

I just LOVE using wipes like this and end up throwing them all in with my normal white wash and add bleach.  You could always throw them in with your cloth dipes if you use them…but I like to just throw them all in together with my other white stuff.  Ok… yes… a bunch of my wash cloths AREN'T white…but I throw them in anyway and they always end up keeping some color.  I just like to bleach my washcloths!



  1. This stuff is fabuloso! We have used it for a long time. It is a natural antiseptic and we put it directly onto cuts and scrapes and IT DOESN’T STING!! Big plus with the littles!

    suburban housewife

  2. Good job mama for using cloth wipes + cloth diapers! I use CDs on my DD but never took the plunge and used cloth wipes. šŸ™‚


  3. I’ve been thinking of starting to do this for weeks! Just the inspiration I needed!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Your sister in Christ Jesus


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