Posted by: purityseekers | September 12, 2006

Muffin's Homemade Baby Food Article…

Do you or would you eat your baby’s food?  No, of course not it tastes gross, nasty, yucky. You may even say it smells bad. That is if you feed them jarred food. 

Ask a mom that makes her own.  She will tell you how yummy it is.

Fresh homemade tastes great and smells wonderful as well.

Making your own is easy.  There are lots of sites with fancy items to help.

Here is what I do:

I prepare my veggies, and then steam them till there nice and sumshy.  Because I do not have a blender I use a hand held drink mixer I picked up at wal-mart for 5 bucks, 8 years ago.

I then mix to the desired thickness. Or add water from the stem pot to make it thin. You may want to add your own breast milk. 

I then scoop my veggies in to ice cube trays cover and freeze.

After they are frozen remove from trays and place in freezer bags or containers.

Lots of people wonder about going out and the frozen cubes.  I place them in a small container and they are thawed by the time I need them.

Wholesome Baby Food Website

Making Baby Food

Homemade Baby Food Recipes

More Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Baby Steps Natural Feeding System

The sites above are just a few with more information on fresh baby food.

Come on get on up and make some great tasting food for your little one.



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