Posted by: purityseekers | September 12, 2006

How I met "Muffin"

I was shopping at a local store for groceries one day about 5 years ago and I heard a little girl saying “Junior, Junior, Junior, Junior” and then her Mom said “Yes,  I know you love VeggieTales”. I said “my son loves them too!” and we talked for a minute and then I looked and saw my cousin and I said “HEY… how ya doin???” and gave him a big ol' hug! If looks could KILL…haha. “Muffin” said “how do YOU know HIM?” or something like that (hahaha…I am cracking up… I always do when I tell this story)… and then I obviously realized he was walking over to us because he was with this chic and her little girl!! hahaha He looked at her and said “she's my COUSIN”!!!!! Then “Muffin”  liked me again. hahaha We got together so her daughter could meet my son and baby daughter and then kinda lost touch until she heard I was pregnant with my 3rd! She also was pregnant with her 2nd and so we became really close and have just gotten closer everday!! We have seen each other through good times and bad and I just love her to pieces!!!!! Then she up and moves to Alabama and rocked my whole world (hehe) but we still talk at least once a day… if not 10 times!!! And we webcam to see each other and our children and IM off and on through the week. Aren't friends great?? So… that's our story!!

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