Posted by: purityseekers | September 10, 2006

Boot Camp day #4

Well… Saturday WOULD have been day #4 of Boot Camp but it was my youngest son’s 1st birthday!  SO… although we did some "Yes Ma’am"s through the day and a few spanks here and there… we just had too much going on to actually call it a Boot Camp day!


So… yesterday was day #4.  Did it get off to a good start?  NO!  LOL  I’ll be brutally honest.  I woke up late, to start with.  I WAS up at 4:45 with Baby "E" and while I was nursing him I heard the alarm go off in our room!  I contemplated staying up (that lasted about 1.2 seconds) and then finished up and put "E" back to bed and crawled back into our bed.  DH said "the alarm went off" and I said "ya, I know, but I’m not getting up YET".  So… I got up at about 7.  UGH.  My latest day yet during BC!!!


DH didn’t have to work until 10:30 today so we relaxed and had coffee and talked with the kids.  There were some training sessions… for the kids AND us.  LOL  Middle Boy "A" was screaming at Big Guy "C" out of the porch trying to get his own way.  So DH headed out to discipline and started with a "WHAT is your PROBLEM???"  So… we talked about that when he came back into the LR.  I said "ya know… God really has been speaking to me about how we have to stop ASKING the kids during training and just TELLING them and TRAINING them".  DH is awesome to realize his weaknesses and said he knew and hates it when he does that.  We both do it!  I’ll say "do you need another spank?????" instead of just giving them one and stepping up to the plate!  It’s like we are letting them choose if they need to be disciplined!!  I crack up because DH can also say it differently than me.  He’ll say "you wanna ‘nother one of those???? huh???" (after a spank)  haha I laugh because that is SO not like him… but he’ll get frustrated and get into "his Dad" mode.  He knows he does it.  That is how his Dad used to be.  But he really is working on that… but like me… he can fail and backslide now and then!!


So… that’s my lesson learned for the day.  Stop asking the kids and just tell them the way it is!  ALSO… be more soft spoken.  We have yelled way too much during training over the years… and its time to grow up! DH and I talked about that too… how when they do something foolish that kids do… we allow ourselves to be quick to anger…knowing the bible says to be "slow to anger"!!!  We have spent many a time laughing at how silly it is that we allow a little 2 year old to drive us insane!!!  That has helped us a lot… laughter.  Instead of getting mad that a 2 year old stuffs up the toilet with toilet paper… just try to laugh inside at how foolish and adorable little kids are!  AND how this season WILL pass and we will someday look back and think "where did the years go????"  It’ll be those times that instead of anger… we’ll look back at those moments and smile and cry at the same time!!! 


My Great Uncle and Aunt were visiting from Virginia and always stop in to see us!!  Here is a picture of them with my crazy kids:

It’s pretty great to see them with their GREAT GREAT Uncle and Aunt!!!  Here’s Baby "E" cuddling with Uncle "N": (he is my father’s mother’s brother) The kids showed him "E’s" birthday balloon…

They gave Big Guy "C" a dollar before they left since he is the oldest 🙂 They gave him one at their last visit too… he thinks that’s pretty cool!!!

     I have to admit… the day didn’t go as structured as the last few have been.  I think I need a drill sargeant disciplining ME!!!!!!  We are staying pretty much on track… but I just let things slide sometimes!!!!  I think the birthday party and all just got my focus off!!!!  Time to sharpen my eyes and get things on track again!

     The kids played outside a lot since it was so beautiful out yesterday and then DH was home at 5:30.  We ran some errands and I bought some knee high socks at Old Navy to make some handmade Baby Legs!!  I got the idea from a forum "Muffin" told me about!  I fell in love with Baby Legs when I saw them last week after a woman posted them on a cloth diaper group I am on.  Here’s the link if you want to check out BABY LEGS!! To make them all you have to do is cut  the feet off and hem the edge! 

     Here are the ones I made last night… I even bought some men’s tube socks to make some for Baby "E" (ok… is that too girly???  I’ve seen a lot of women ask the same question LOL they are just so awesome and easy on their crawling knees… heck… I could do it in the privacy of my own home right???  And they ARE "Wilson" haha)



     I will be adding more handmade Baby Legs pix in another entry once I have more pictures to add!!

     So that ended our day and I’ll talk about how today goes when I get a chance!  It is probably also going to be an "off" day because of DH’s schedule.  He is off today and tomorrow this week!!  Boot Camp definitely is something that is different for every family!!!  We have just had to bend when things got crazy!!!

     Hope you all are having a good start to your week!!!  Love, B







  1. Bridget, I hope that you are not paying any attention to the above comment, she is totally taking what you are doing and blowing it way out of proportion. I just have so many things I would like to say to her but my head is spinning! It is obvious to anyone who reads your blog that you are completely the opposite from everything she is saying. You probably didnt even give her comment a second thought but I get really upset when people take something and turn it into something it isnt . This is probably the first negative comment Ive seen on a blog so it shocked me. Anyway, I love those baby legs, your children look adorable ! ~God Bless~Krystal

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