Posted by: purityseekers | September 9, 2006

Baby E's 1st Birthday Party!!!

Baby “E” had his 1st birthday party today!!!

Here's the birthday boy in his “birthday suit” having a bath before his party!!

and here he is in his actual birthday suit… the wool soaker pants I made him and a new shirt!

Here he is with his special birthday balloon:

Cake time!  I didn't do a theme like I usually do… I just made homemade chocolate cupcakes and a nice, big, fat carrot cake!!!  MMMMM

Middle Boy “A” helped blow out the candles…

He LOVED his cupcake and ate the whole thing (except a few crumbs!!!):

He got lots or great presents including a Little People Noah's Ark, Stackable Peek-a-boo blocks, new jammies, Weebles, and some Roll arounds!

Mama and Dada lovin' up their baby…

“E” loves his Daddy…

So… there ya have it!!  Our little man is growing up!!  Can't believe it's been a year already!!!!  What a big boy he is!!

Thanks for lookin' at our precious little boy's 1st birthday pix!!! 

Love, B






  1. Happy Birthday to Evan!! What a beautiful boy he is. Looks like he really enjoyed his party! Holly

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