Posted by: purityseekers | September 7, 2006

Boot Camp Day #3

Hi Everyone!!!  We have made it to Day #3 and are doing GREAT!! 

Today my husband took the day off so we had a nice day home together!  And I’m doing a "LITTLE" better… the alarm went off at 5 and I was up 10 minutes earlier than yesterday… I got up at 5:20!  Woo hoo!! 

Earlier we were going to go and get some things for Baby "E’s" birthday but we ended up doing things around here and will be leaving after dinner to shop!  Then when we get home… it will be beddy bye time!

DH got stuff ready to make a dump run. We cleaned out our basement and got rid of junky old toys and stuff… and we will be having it power washed and then we’ll paint it!  It has always just been a dirty concrete floored basement that no one spent much time in.  I just have my washer and dryer down there.  It has been a little bit of a wet basement for a while since we need a new door!  Once that is fixed it will be dry again!  So… trips to the dump are always nice to feel like we have decluttered more and have rid our life of JUNK!!! 

Here are DH and our oldest 3 kids with the trailer full of stuff!

This used to be my Grandmother’s house until we bought it last Fall from my Dad and Uncle… and in the basement I always had noticed a piece of string above my dryer with beads on it.  The other day my Dad was talking to the kids and said how he used to have a little pool table down there when he was in high school and he and his brother had a string of beads up on the ceiling to keep track of who won what for games!  It was cool to find out what they were for… and now I picture him down there playing pool!!!  I love stuff like that!!  It’s nice having history like that in our home!!

We spent the day a little less focused on my normal routine… but made sure to "train" them throughout the day!  It has actually been a very quiet day with the kids playing really nicely!  We’ve eased up on constant stuff for the day and just made sure they were staying in line.  There were occasional trips to the bathroom (oops… I wrote basement first…haha…THAT wouldn’t have sounded very good!!!) for spanks… but not as much as Day #1!!  I see a HUGE difference just in these 3 days!  One incident was that "C" wanted to help "Z" by reaching up in the cupboard for a plate for her but she SCREAMED bloody murder at him and yelled "NOOOOO, "C"… I CAN DO IT MYSELF!!!!!!"  So… she got a spanking for yelling and being so mean when all he was trying to do was help.  I then told her to nicely say "no thank you, "C", I’d like to do it myself".  It was SOOOO funny because at one point "A" had barked at me (something he does when he’ll get mad… kinda like a little rabid dog LOL) and I sent him into the bathroom.  When I got in there he had pulled his own pants and had the spank spoon and was spanking himself!! haha  BUT since he was laughing… I made sure that I finished the job!  LOL

I spent some of the day knitting to finish Baby "E’s"  "Doodle Pants" I’ve been working on!  I wanted him to be able to wear them at his birthday party on Sat.  I only had one leg left and managed to finish it all by this afternoon!

Here I am knitting (DH was going picture crazy today!!!)

and Sweet "L" had fun playing with some yarn I had left over from Baby "E’s" last pants… I am going to make her baby doll some pants with that yarn… then I am getting some more wool and am making my friend "Muffin’s" daughter a pair!

Here is the finished soaker alone and on Baby "E" (they are actually too long… but still look cute!)

and "L" actually fits in them too!  They are JUST right on her! (she was in a grumpy mood when I had her try them on!  Can you tell????)

I think she looks cute in them!

One of my friends came over for a while this AM with her daughter who is Baby "E’s" age.  She turns 1 next week!!  They are perfect for each other~~ hehe.  We had fun talking and letting the kids play for a bit!  Her oldest daughter turns 6 on Sat. so my Big Girl "Z" will be going with her and her family to "Build A Bear".  She is SOOO excited!!  So…I’m glad popped over!  We always have a great time talking!

So…that was Day #3!  Life will be a little off schedule for the next couple of days… but we will still be in Boot Camp mode as often as possible!  Tomorrow I have to bake and get ready for Baby "E’s" party on Sat. and then Sat. is the party so Boot Camp won’t be very structured!  BUT… we are going to make sure that NO MATTER WHAT we will keep on doing the "Yes Ma’am" and "stop" training in regular old situations no matter what we are doing!

I’ll write again tomorrow!!  Hope you all have had a good week so far!!!  Anyone have any special weekend plans???

Love, B



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