Posted by: purityseekers | September 6, 2006

Boot Camp Day #2

I started our day a little more disciplined than yesterday.  The alarm went off at 5AM and I slid out of bed at 5:30 after dozing off again!!  OOPS… but I’m getting better!!!  Hopefully tomorrow I can say I was up at 5 on the dot!!

I didn’t start my day out in God’s word… so I failed at that.  What I DID do was have coffee with DH and looked over my schedule for the day and wrote down different training things for the kids to do. 

They were all up a little later today and that was ok by me!  hehe  DH didn’t have to work until 11:30 so I knew the day would be different than yesterday!  So instead of breakfast being done around 8… we were starting to eat at 9.  The kids were all dressed for the day, though, and had done morning exercises!

Big Guy "C" decided to do pull-ups on the piano LOL:

"Z" doing some crab walk thingy:

and Middle Boy "A" trying to do a push-up! 

Since it was Baby "E’s" 1st birthday… the kids gave him a gift once he was up!  He loved his new drum!

The kids ended up sitting on the kitchen floor waiting for breakfast and lunch… but at dinnertime I let them watch a show while I got their food ready!

Here they are waiting for breakfast:

DH did the kids devotion with them at breakfast time and then it was time for training!  They are doing SOOOO awesome with the "Yes, Ma’am"s… I am SO surprised!!  I just didn’t think they’d catch on this fast!!  Yesterday I was always saying "you need to…. and I need to hear "Yes, Ma’am" but today I barely had to say it.  After all the repetitive stuff yesterday… its just drilled into their little memories!!  WOO HOO!!!!

Here’s one of the training moments… I told Big Guy "C" to stand with his nose to the wall… then had "Z" stand back to him… then told "A" to lay down and touch "Z’s" feet with his feet.  I got "Yes, Ma’am"s from all of them and then had "C" sing the "Star Spangled Banner" LOL.  One by one I had them hug the one they were touching and that part was over!!  They love stuff like this!!!

I have to admit… I had a few things to do today so I allowed them a little tv here and there.  I had to burn a bunch of pictures onto CD’s (ugh… I burned a total of 800 pictures and that was only PART of our July pix folder!!  You can see how picture crazy both DH and I are!  Thank God for digital!!!) I  also wanted to sort through the journals I keep for them and see what pictures I need to order and things like that.  I’ll have to tell you more about my individual journal/scrapbooks I have for the kids!  I found the easiest and neatest way after lots of attempts and I just love them!  Once the kids are school age… I keep track of all their homeschool info. in them too!  I’ll have to post a section for scanned pages to show you.

ANYWAY… I have to be consistent (hehe) so I better not get off track!!

I was a little stressed at lunchtime over the whole "eating what you don’t like" thing.  I have struggled more with that over the last few years!  All kids fuss about food sometimes…but I have found "Z" to be my pickiest eater!  She loves chicken nuggets…but won’t eat ANY other chicken!!  SO… we’ve tried it all and were never… what was that word??  CONSISTENT!!!!!!!  So… I’d slack and just say "eat your salad and bread" and not give her a hard time.  The times we did… it just stressed me out too much!!!!

Well… too bad for me.  Time to get a life and get a grip!!!!!  So today it was MACARONI SALAD.  All I asked was for them to try it.  "C" and "L" love it.  "A" tried it and didn’t want any.  "Z" cried and fussed and cried some more and refused to try it.  SO…into the bathroom we went.  It took her a couple spanks before she’d try it… then she held it in her mouth for about 1/2 hour!!!!!  I kept saying "if it was THAT bad you would have spit it out!!!"  So finally she took a drink of water and swallowed it.  That was my most trying part of the day.

Then things began to look up.  (it’s like just her going through that and seeing she could swallow it changed her attitude for the good!) 

Quiet time was good… not perfect…but good!  I had "Z" and "A" in my room, "C" was reading in his room, Baby "E" was asleep and Sweet "L" eventually fell asleep!!!!  So… one asleep yesterday… two asleep today!!  Things ARE lookin’ up!!!

Here’s "L" asleep by her gate: (I love sleeping kid pix!!!)

One thing I noticed they did a lot today was creative play together without fighting much at all!!!  They just had a lot of fun!  Anytime I asked anyone to stop playing to do something… they did it.  NO COMPLAINTS!!  I mean… I could yell upstairs while they were in the middle of a game and say "Middle Boy "A", please come down and pick up the cars on the LR floor" and I’d hear "Yes, Ma’am".  LOL  I am shocked whenever I hear them just say it!!!

Then "Z" got in this awesome cleaning mood!!!  She came downstairs and said she had organized the boys closet!  I had a bunch of clothes in there on the floor and she said "I looked at the clothes and said ‘that’s "C"S’ or ‘that’s "A"s and then I put them on the right side!"  I went up to look and it was SOOOO neat!!!

Then she decided to help me clean up the downstairs for Baby "E"s party on Sat.  This was all after dinner, which went really smooth, by the way!  She started out by dusting:

then she wanted to sweep the DR:

and THEN she wanted to mop!!!!!

I could NOT believe how awesome she did!!!  I always have had to go and redo the whole thing because she wouldn’t do it very well… but she did SO good I barely had to do anything!!  Training is SO worth all the effort!!!  The kids were watching "Little Bear" (Sweet "L"s favorite show!!)…

and "Z" was cleaning and said "this is better than any silly old show"… and I said "what is?" and she said "cleaning!!!"  Isn’t that so sweet???? 

So… that’s all the pix I have for today (which is probably TOO many for those of you with dial-up…SORRY!!!!!)

But I just wanted to add a few things… one thing I have found to be really important during this training time (and it will continue!) is to have assigned seats at mealtime.  I’ve always tried to do this…but the kids could easily talk me out of it and then I’d find myself trying to remember who was the last one that got to sit at the end of the table, etc. Or I’d give in and let them watch tv while they ate…NO MORE!!!  AND I am making sure that when I menu plan… that although I want mostly simple meals while I am training in good shape… I also want some meals that I know will be a struggle for some so I can get them practicing thankfulness and working on their picky behaviors.  The "Picky" meal of this week is tuna noodle casserole.  Big Guy "C" is so excited…but the others think it sounds pretty gross!  We’ll see how that goes in a few days!  OH and at mealtimes we’ve been SO bad about allowing them to get up and down from the table!!!!  Now they have to say "may I be excused" and the thing I need to make sure to do tomorrow is to have them use the bathroom before they eat because there is always one kid that has to pee during a meal!!  Drives me crazy!!!!

OK… I am tired and my hubby is home and waiting patiently for me to go and hang out with him in the LR and talk about our days!!!

Thanks again for holding me accountable and hope you are having fun reading my blog entries about this season in our life!!!  I see the fruits of my labor already and am so thankful!!!

In Christ, Me






  1. I loved reading about boot camp day #2, sounds like all is going well! I am spending the day preparing the house for the “Wilson Family Bootcamp” . I have to say that my absolutely favorite part of your post had to be, hands down, Zoe’s cleaning outfit! Very cool.Hang in there and God Bless :0) ~Krystal

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