Posted by: purityseekers | September 5, 2006

Boot Camp Day #1

Well… I made it through!!  PHEW, am I tired!!!  I am ashamed to say that my children were actually worse off than I thought!!!  We had quite a few struggles through the day… but also had a lot of fun at the same time!


I’ll first give you a run-down of our schedule today.


I woke up late.  (ugh… got off to a good start, as you can see LOL)  It really wasn’t my fault.  (time to blame shift to make myself feel better).  I asked DH if he set the alarm for 5 and he said, "yes", but what he ACTUALLY did was just turn on the alarm and just assumed it was set for 5.  So… at 6 the alarm went off and I sluggishly went downstairs (sulking a moment at my frustration over not being able to have the quiet time I wanted)… but then got a grip and remembered we are to find the joy in all circumstances!!!  So I got out my weekly organizer sheet and my boot camp info. and just sorta went over what I should be doing once the kids woke up.  After about 10 minutes… kid #1 arose!!!  Then it was "boom", "boom", "boom", "boom" and all 5 were up and moving about!

I started with having them all get ready for the day and then we did some exercises for a few minutes ( to the tune of "Simon says" but of course "Mom says…") and then had them all come out to the kitchen floor to sit while I got their breakfast ready!  They actually liked this time a lot and sat really good while I talked with them and made peanut butter toast and fruit!

Next I had them each grab a book and read quietly on a couch while I got laundry downstairs and all….

"C" read to "L" and "A"…

and Big Girl "Z" read alone 🙂

and then it was time to start the TRAINING!  I had them all come into the Living Room and I got baby "E" (who turns ONE tomorrow!!!!) situated in his exersaucer with snacks… and we started "Yes Ma’am" and "Stop" training…

"C" was first… I told him to go out to my drying rack, get one of "L"s Fuzzi Bunz diapers, put it on his head, and come in and sit down.  I told him "and I want to hear a "Yes, Ma’am"… so he did and was cracking up the whole time!!  (really… I know you can’t tell by the picture…hehe…but he was!!!  The other kids got a big kick out of it too!)

then I did the same with the others… "Z" had to put 3 books on her head and come sit down and sing us a song….

"A" had to get the jelly out of the fridge and come back into the room saying "I LOVE JELLY!!!!!!"  (and he DOES!!!  PB&J’s are his LIFE!!! haha)

and even Sweet "L" got in on it!!!  I told her to go to the kitchen and get me a spoon!!  She even has the "Yes Ma’am" down pat!!  I LOVE it!!!

Then I just did a bunch of other goofy scenarios… and did some "Stop" training by having them stop IMMEDIATELY doing something when I said to stop.  It really is fun!!!  I used to look at the Pearl’s type of training as kinda "out there" when it came to staging situations for them… but I like this kinda training.  I think the part I don’t agree with is setting them up to fail and then spanking them.  But…that’s just my opinion!

After that the kids had some quiet time to play while I cleaned up the kitchen and did some laundry… and then the REAL fun began.  (UGH)

I had the kids gather in the LR again so I could read with them and Middle Son "A" ended up having a nutty!!!  He wanted his trains to be beside him where he was sitting earlier… but "L" had taken the chair he wanted to sit in.  SO he was upset because his trains were there and he wanted to sit RIGHT there and NO WHERE else!!!  After about 4 spanks… he finally came out without fussing about it and took his trains and moved them over to the couch.  Phew… hurdle #1 was out of the way….

then I had the kids gather in the kitchen again while I made my famous SPINACH SMOOTHIES for a mid-morning energy boost…

Even Baby "E" loves them!

Then the kids were allowed more quiet play while I hopped on the computer real quick and threw in some more laundry!  Then it was time for lunch:

Here are the kids waiting patiently…

The kids had what I have on the menu for EVERY lunch meal during Boot Camp… but also what I make for them almost every lunch anyway… what we call a "SNACK LUNCH".  That consists of stuff like peanuts, cheese, fruits, raw veggies, etc.  Today bologna was in the mix and the kids had fun making some Bologna People…



and last but not least… "A"s:

Then came hurdle #2!!!!  REST TIME!!!!!!

I’ll just try to make a long story short… out of 5 kids… here is the amount of sleep actually gotten:

Baby "E" slept for THREE hours!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!

All the other kids were awake the whole time.  I had "C" and "Z" on either side of our bed on the floor to rest (didn’t expect them to sleep)… "A" was in the boys room and "L" in the girls.  "A" screamed and had nutty #2 because he wanted to sleep in my room too!  Then I shut the door and he was whimpering "I’m all alone.  I’m all alone.  I want to be in Mommy’s room.  I’m all alone".  Then after thinking he settled down and fell asleep… I go in and he has pulled all his sheets and blanket off the bed in anger!!!  More spanks and then he helped me make the bed and I told him that if he behaved that tomorrow he could sleep in there instead of Big Guy "C"… but they could not ALL be in there because no one would EVER sleep!!  And Sweet "L"….well… this is what she did the whole time…

Played by her gate with her baby:

Then I had to run to an appt. at 2 so my Dad came over and I let the 3 older kids come down and watch a movie with him.  While I was gone he let "L" up because it was obvious she was not going to sleep!

The rest of the afternoon consisted of me and the kids playing upstairs and me doing more training things with them… and then I made brownies and read to the kids while they had their snack.

DH came home at 5:30 and I had dinner ready and we all sat down to eat.  THEN I got some "ME" time… well… more like "Me and Big Girl Z" time!!  I took her to the library to return some things and also to get her prize she won!  They called the other day to say they drew her name in a summer reading program drawing they did!  We figured she’d get a book… but since they only picked 3 kids out of all the kids in the program… it was awesome!!!  She got a bookbag, a paper cube, Egypt stickers, a cup, a bracelet, a T-shirt, and a $25 gift cert. to "Mr. Paperback"!  I took her there and she picked out a "Garfield" stuffed animal and a book for each of her siblings.  The whole time she was talking about what to get THEM but then saw the Garfield and quickly shifted to "but I think I’ll get this for me"…hehe.  (I just gave her a little Garfield I had from Junior High that I used to put on the eraser of my pencil…hehe… its hard to see but he’s on the floor right in front of her big Garfield in the next pic~~it is her new favorite thing) But then she carefully chose books based on the other kids interests and it was so sweet.  She said "I am not going to brag… I’ll show them I want them to feel happy to!"  (good to see some of my training has paid off!!!)

Here she is with all her goodies and a "Narnia" book for "C", a "Thomas the train" book for "A", and since Sweet "L" loves Dora and babies… a "Dora" book about super babies!!!

It was a nice ending to a VERY tiring day!!  Now it is going on 10PM and I am pooped out!!!!!!  I am going to go and relax for a few minutes and hit the sack!! I can’t believe my Baby "E" is ONE tomorrow!!  Big Girl "Z" and I picked him up a Leap Pad bongo drum that says the ABC’s.  It’s really cute!!  We haven’t shopped for him yet because his party isn’t until Sat.!!!  (but I wanted to do SOMETHING for the little sweetheart!!)  Thank you all for encouraging me so much!!!!  I looked forward to reading everyone’s emails and chatters!!!  God is so awesome and I know His hands are completely in this and that my children will be blessed for it and so will we!!!!

🙂 Me






  1. Sound like you had a pretty successful first “bootcamp” day. The pictures are cute. (I have seen that exact same diaper on some heads around our I hope you another great day!!

  2. Hi, I just came across your blog several days ago and I love it! My husband and I were just having a conversation about how we MUST be more consistent with our children, Boot Camp sounds awesome. I checked out the Raising Godly Tomatoes website looking for more specifics on Boot Camp but I must have missed it. Could you post a link?
    Also, I loved Garfield when I was in Junior High and I had one of those things for on the end of my pencil, brought back memories:0) ~Thanks so much!
    ~God Bless~ The Wilson Family

  3. Hi, Bridget. I linked to you from…well, I’m not sure I remember!! But I enjoyed reading your entries. I wouldn’t sweat the “no sleep” thing during rest time. Two things (among others) you can’t physically make your kids do are sleep and eat. But the consistency with which you require your daughter to “rest” or “play quietly” will pay off.

    Would you mind posting your spinach smoothie recipe? That certainly piqued my interest. 2 of my 4 children really love smoothies. The other 2 will drink them, but they never request them!


  4. Hi i want to just say that i really love your website and the instructions on how to make things run. My only concern am i too late my boys are 9 years old and 10 years old. We have only been Christians for 4 years now and i am meeting alot of opposition on their part in our change of lifestyles and direction. My name is Monica and i live in TX where it never ever really becomes winter, (I love your snow pictures) there beautiful. Anyway i have save your house cleaning and reorganizing manual. In which i am printing out to try and grab some control over my household. I am a single mom, I contract my self out as a Photographer, I am the director of our Childrens Church programs, lessons, all areas and all classes. I am also starting a prison ministry newsletter. I work partime for another photograper who has a studio but i only go and edit and do all the digital creativity to her photos. I am a full time college student. We didnt start out as Christians unfortanately but I love God and i wished i had known him so much sooner. But i can not change the past only follow his direction to the future. I would really like to try your bootcamp for my household. We havent had the best life in the past. Hopefully its not to late to redirect them and teach them as God intended them to grow up as Godly men. Thank God for your website i do believe everything that happens has a purpose and i found you for a purpose.

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