Posted by: purityseekers | August 30, 2006

1st Day Of School Pix…

Ok… I feel like I'm missing out here!!  LOL Being the time of year kids are going back to school, I've been hearing lots of “1st day of school” stories and seeing “1st day of school” pix!  Just this AM I was at my kitchen sink before anyone was up in our house… and I saw out my window, our 9 year old neighbor having pictures taken with her Grandmother before school.  It was not quite 7AM!!!  My kids can sleep in and relax when they get up so it's foreign for me to see little kids out and about that early.  My kids would have to get up at 6 in order to actually be able to function and get dressed and ready to leave…and I just couldn't imagine!  Since small kids really should get about 12 hours of sleep… there is NO way my kids would be in bed at 6… so they definitely would be lacking sleep!


But anyway… feeling left out of the whole “1st day of school” picture thing… I decided to take some pix of the kids this AM to show what 1st day of homeschooling pictures at our house would look like.  (and since I school all year… we don't ever really have an official 1st day… but we DO have to refocus after a busy summer and so I usually take a day and kinda call it our “1st day of school”)  That day was a couple weeks ago… but since everyone else is doin' the picture thing… I am going to post pix of my kids in the AM of a normal school day:


Big Guy “C” loves to cuddle with Baby “E” on the couch while Dad & Mom drink coffee!


Big Girl “Z” is our latest sleeper and our laziest in the AM once she is downstairs… she usually brings her Pillsbury Doughboy down and cuddles with him… this AM he was body-less. LOL

Middle Boy “A”s typical AM consists of playing with his Thomas trains until breakfast!  Here he is posing in his jammies… which are still on and its 1:45PM haha

And here's sweet “L” after strolling down the stairs after Middle Boy “A” opened her gate for her… as usual… she has brought down her baby to cuddle with!  She likes to munch dry Cheerios and be a “Mama” all AM

So… there ya have it… a typical start to our day as a homeschooling family!!  Gotta love the peace that can come from not having to rush anywhere!!  Life is good!  I thank God I am able to stay home with my children!!!

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