Posted by: purityseekers | August 29, 2006

weekly organizer…

I don't know about all of you… but lately I have needed to regain my focus and get organized after a busy summer!!!  I have a weekly organizer page a friend sent me that I print each week, but I can't find the link to where I downloaded it from (actually did after posting this entry…you can find it in my favorites websites to the right~~  “hold that thought”)… BUT… while I was hunting I found this site:

that offers a cool weekly organizer to print that goes along with the Flylady (who I love!)  I think I am going to use that for a while to see how I like it!!  I was JUST thinking (as I sat down here to chill out since the kids are all in bed and my husband went with his friend, John, to the movies) that I should be laying out the kids clothes for tomorrow!!!  THEN I go and find that site and got even MORE convicted!! hehe

It's amazing how just that one little step… laying out clothes… makes such a difference in the AM.  I also like to get my cloth diapers ready and wipes for AM dipe changes… and it's also nice to plan ahead with breakfast.  If cereal is on the menu… I get out the cereal bowls ahead sometimes… or if I need to make bread… I'll get everything out on the counter to motivate myself in the AM. 

Troy helped me with the dinner dishes tonite and got the kitchen all sparkly while I got kids ready for bed!  He is such a great husband!!  I worked my tail off today getting laundry caught up!!  Troy had the weekend off and we didn't do much laundry so I had a LOT to wash and put away in closets!!!  I swear, a few of the stacks were like 4 feet tall!!!  LOL  It would have been a sight to see me carrying them up the stairs praying they would not all topple over!!!  But… I got it all done!!!  That's a nice feeling!

Now I am going to deal with my guilt and get off my buttski and get my evening routine done!!  🙂 Bridge




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