Posted by: purityseekers | August 29, 2006

Art Time With Big Girl "Z"~~

Do any of you with small children struggle with finding time alone with each of your kids?  I realized the other day just how much that 1:1 time means to my daughter, “Z”.  Not that all of the kids don't like time alone with me or my husband… but she more than anyone lately had been talking about it!  SO.. I decided that I will keep track of who I last spent some good quality 1:1 time with… and then whenever I have a day where I feel I can take that time… I'll go on to the next kiddo!


Last night was my 1:1 time with “Z”.  I asked her what she wanted to do with me and since her passion is art… she said “I want you to draw with me”.  So… I told her in the morning that when nighttime came and I had all the little ones to bed… she and I could draw together!!  She was SOOOO excited and talked about it off and on all day!!! 


Once dinner was over, she started to plan and it was SOOO adorable!!!!  She told me I couldn't go into the spare room (our arts and crafts room) until it was time to draw!  And she gave me a special penny I would need to show her before I entered the room.


This is how the table looked when I finally was able to go in (after she also measured me with a measuring tape ~~to make sure I was tall enough to be allowed in…LOL… kids are so cute!!!)~~~ and this is what it looked like:



She had notebooks, glue, glitter, markers, colored pencils and even a glass of water for each of us!


We drew from Ed Emberley's Drawing Book and used glue and glitter and just had SO much fun!!!  Big Guy “C” ended up coming in after he was done his reading time… and he had a good idea.  He wrote something on the chalkboard that he wanted us to draw… and then he told us what colors we had to put in our pictures.  Big Girl “Z” had a blast!!! 


This was our first assignment… to draw a “Chicow”… part chicken, part cow…



Here's “Z's”:



and then we had to draw a moose and had to use the colors brown, yellow, red, green and blue!  That is why “Z's” moose is eating a banana LOL




She is the best freehand artist!!! (me on the other hand… I don't want to talk about that! LOL~~  I'll just say it's embarrassing when you find yourself “cheating” off from your 5 year olds page to figure out how to draw something ROFL)


Here are all of our finished pictures!



I don't know who had more fun… “Z” or ME!!!  It's kinda nice to just feel like a kid again when you sometimes feel you have so much responsibility that you just can't have fun!!!


Middle Boy “A” is next when I have some spare time!  He wants to either play trains with me or make a book!!!  I can't wait!!!


🙂 Bridget








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