Posted by: purityseekers | August 28, 2006


Yesterday we left to go and get our milk at the farm

 and should have called first because they had to leave unexepectedly for Florida so no one was there!  BUT while the kids and I were waiting for DH to come out of the farmhouse, we were looking across the street at the alpaca farm.  At first we could only see the farms 2 horses in the neighbors field eating grass… and a few alpacas behind a fence.  BUT then they all were let out to graze and there were a bunch!  (11 total)

DH got back to the van and we headed over and asked a man on a tractor if we could look at his alpacas and he said “oh SURE!!!” So we headed over and had such a great time!!  Here are the kids looking at the alpacas for the 1st time… the alpacas were pretty curious about THEM too!!

This is “Prince Harry” (hehe) and he is father to a couple of the babies.  He is pretty aggressive sometimes with the 2 other males so they have to put him alone at times.  (well… not really alone… they have a dog that hangs out with him…hehe)

Here I am with Baby “E”, who YES… is still in his jammies LOL

Big Girl “Z” found a grasshopper while we were there and that was the highlight of her visit!!

and on the way home we almost hit a baby bobcat!  He was SOOO cute!!!  We kept turning around and going back to see him and he kept coming out trying to cross the street again… but we never got close enough to get a REALLY good picture of him.

if you look close… I mean REALLY close (hehe) you can see he is in the middle of this picture running off into the woods… wild cats are SOOO awesome!!!

So… we didn't end up getting our raw milk


(and this is exactly what ours looks like when we get it)

but we DID have a great time as a family at the alpaca farm!!  They also have a little shop where they sell things made from alpaca hair… and I got to chat with his wife for quite a while and she is SOOOO sweet!!!  When I said we had first learned about raw milk from “The Maker's Diet” she said “oh!!  I have that book too!!!  I love it!!!!”  She said how glad she was more people were realizing the health benefits of raw milk! 

And… I was able to tell her about making cloth diaper covers out of alpaca hair and how popular they are!  She was so excited to have learned about them because she loves to knit and heck… she has all that alpaca yarn from her animals… why not!!!!! 

So… it was just a great time!!  🙂 Me


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