Posted by: purityseekers | August 27, 2006

Our Saturday…

It was DH's day off and we had a busy day shopping with the kids.  Our trip to 3 different stores to get food has motivated me to try to plan more of a monthly shopping day eventually… rather than once a week.  We tried that once and it was great… but we really need to plan more to make sure we have more shelving for cans and stuff.  We have a fridge that is ALL fridge… and a seperate stand up freezer so that helps… but we really need more organization when it comes to canned goods and all.


So… we went to the Farmer's market and got some apples, tomatoes, cukes and potatoes… then we went to Sam's Club, then ate at “Red Robin” and then did some shopping at Walmart and then Hannaford for our produce. At the “Dunkin' Donuts” in Walmart they were giving away free donuts to decorate… so all the kids had fun with that!!  (and it was cool because we didn't get dessert at “Red Robin” because its so darn expensive… so free donuts were awesome!! hehe


Then… we came home and had dinner and headed to visit a couple of our friends!!!  Here are a few pix of our visit…


Before we left to go and visit… Big Girl “Z” asked me to come out and pick flowers with her!  She had noticed a purple flower on our banking as we drove home earlier… so we picked that and the pretty white ones (hydrangea) so she could give them to her friend! 



She & her friend played dress-up almost the whole time!!  Here they are lookin' so cute… while Big Guy “C” (typical big brother) made faces behind them LOL



This is what happens to little baby's like my Baby “E” when left unattended by any adults… in a room full of crazy children!!  He came crawling out to us transformed into a little dragonfly! hehe



Here's our friend's son… he is my Sweet “L”s age!



and here I am with their youngest dd… she is Baby “E's” age BUT she walks AND talks!! hehe  She can say “hi” and “thank you” and all sorts of stuff and she's not even ONE yet!!!  CRAZY!!!!



We had a great visit and ended up staying until about 9:30!!!  By the time we got home we had 3 asleep and 2 other VERY tired kids!!  Talk about an easy bedtime!


Hope you all had a good day!!  šŸ™‚ Me






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