Posted by: purityseekers | August 24, 2006

Old Friends, Library Pix… and new blog site…

Old friends are so great!!!  This is a picture of me and an old friend from high school!  We hadn't seen each other for YEARS and she was in town from Las Vegas and called me out of the blue yesterday!!!  I was SO excited to see her and her little girl!!  (who's 2nd birthday was yesterday!!!)



I love when you see a friend after all those years (our 20 reunion is next year if that gives you any idea how long its been… and how old we are LOL)~~  I love how you just connect like not a day has passed since you last saw each other!!


So… I am thankful to have seen her and her sweet daughter!!


Today we went to an ice cream social at our library to conclude the summer reading program!  The kids had a lot of fun!!  My DH was able to go with us since he works the evening shift tonite!  Since he and I are photo addicts… we took a bunch of pix while we were there so I thought I'd share a few!


It was baby “E”s turn to drive… (hehe)



The kids waiting for their ice cream….MMMMM



Here I am (the mature one doing the rabbit ears behind the frog LOL) with my kiddos and Froggy!  After this the librarian read stories with Froggy in them… it was pretty cute!  He acted out different parts of the story.



Lilli was the only one of my kids paying attention… there were too many other things going on! 



The kids could color a piece to a train puzzle… (that they will put together later and hang up on the wall)… so here's middle “A” working on his.  It was right up his alley… since he is a Thomas the tank fan!!!



My DH took this one of sweet “L”….isn't it adorable????



Big Girl “Z” drew the cutest Snoopy by looking up at the bulletin board and copying him!  God has given her a gift to draw… she has been passionate about it since she was very small!! 


Here she is drawing Snoopy, the scanned finished product… and the picture from the bulletin board 🙂



So… that was our morning and it was a fun one!! 


And for anyone who reads this post… I have started (brand new) another blog site for people to post some of their creative pictures!  I just want people to send pix to my email (on the site) about a certain word for the week (this weeks word is “colorful”) and then I'll post them to the site!  (can be digitals or scanned photos or drawings) I thought it would be fun!!  God has made us all so awesomly (is that a word????) different that I thought it would be interesting to see everyone's idea of the word for that week!  Please pass the site on to other's you know that share my passion for photograpy or drawing!

Thank you!!!

In Christ 🙂 Me



  1. Cassie said, “Zoe is my best sister friend!” We owe you a letter!

  2. Hi Bridget-I want to read your posts, but every time I come to read them, I can’t. The right sidebar of the blog is so far over that only about 2″ of the actual post is visible.

  3. I can read it now-thanks, Bridget!! This is a great post-I love the pics. I was checking out your sidebar and we have a lot in common. We are vax-free, I’m still nursing my 22 month old dd, drink raw milk & use cloth dipes. I make my own now, too(AIOs, fitteds, covers)-it’s so much fun!
    That blac, and white picture of your dd that your dh took is beautiful. Holly

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