Posted by: purityseekers | August 22, 2006


We took the kids to the library today.  I try to get there at least once every 1-2 weeks so the kids can play…. BUT… with 5 kids its not always that easy to look for books at the same time SO I am glad I found out about our states  online library catalog a while back!  If you state has an online library search engine… you should take advantage of it!!! 


I go to this great christian book list site ( ) and find some good titles and search for them throughout the state.  I'll request the book and if my library doesn't have it, they'll get it from the closest library that has a copy available.  I request books and videos and end up picking up sometimes 20 at a time of books that have come in… plus I'll let the kids pick some while we are there.  Let me just say that most of our homeschooling is done with reading!!


So… the kids had a lot of fun!  We passed in there completed summer reading program sheets (25 hours a reading~~ they had to color parts of a snake for each hour they read) and they each picked out a free book and got a free kids meal coupon for “Red Robin”!  AND they got an invitation for an ice cream social tomorrow at the library!  Fun fun!!!!


We got there at “Toddler Time” which I usually try to avoid (hehe) but it was actually fun!  It ended when we got there so the kids got to play with some of the kids and I got to talk with a few Moms šŸ™‚  DH came for a bit before he had to leave for work… and he lugged all the books out for me!  AHHHH  We were laughing because he said “I am the only man here.  Either they all think I don't have a job… or they are all going to go home and reem out their husbands!!!”  hahah I just thought that was so funny!


Ok… I have 2 kids for a nap and 3 outside playing so I am going to try to add a few more things to my blog while its quiet!


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  1. I love using the online library too. We will be using a lot of living books for history this year and I know we will have to get them from the interlibrary loan system! I will have books coming in from all over the state! LOL

    We need to get to the library today actually. I have three movies due. All the books have another week to go — so we will just be returning a few of those. I want to check out the audio books for school next year — I haven’t had a chance to try those out yet!

    Thanks for the link too!


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