Posted by: purityseekers | August 20, 2006

Daddy's Day Off!

Can you say “declutter”???  That is what we did off and on all day… and if any of you know the Flylady… she would be SO proud of my flinging!!  If you don't know the flylady… check her out at


So… that was our day!  My oldest son was at his father's for the weekend… and since it was rainy today, the rest of us hung out here!  I am so glad we got our upstairs all decluttered because after a few weeks of fighting an awful stomach flu that ran through our house… it needed some extra TLC!!


In the kids room we decided to empty out their closets and put most of their clothes in the drawers of some new beds my husband got a deal on at the furniture store where he works!  He got 5 beds with drawers… and although baby “E”.  is still in a crib, we set his up too for the extra drawer storage!  Here is a picture of my oldest son on his new bed:




Now except for each of their “sock and underwear” buckets… their closets are pretty bare and now they are good hiding spots!!


I have spent a little time today trying to figure out this blog site!  I am loving it and have a million ideas of things I want to add!!  BUT… I have to do what I can in the little time I have!!  Before I end for the night I'll introduce you to my family:


This is me and my DH when we were at my brother's 40th birthday party at “Gunstock” in New Hampshire:



this is my oldest son, “Big Guy “C”… he is 9:



and this is my oldest daughter, “Big Girl “Z”… she is 5:



This is Middle Son “A”… he just turned 4 last month:



and this is Sweet “L”… she is 2… this is her real eye color… I just put a B&W layer on top and erased just her eyes…


and this is Baby “E”… who will turn 1 on Sept. 6th… he was chompin' on some wheat teethers…mmm…



he crosses his fingers… isn't this cute???



Ok… now that you have seen how much of a picture freak I am… I have to get ready for bed!  BUT… there will be MANY more pix where these came from… because I take a zillion a day!!!  Don't wanna miss a memory!!!  🙂


Hope you all have a great start to your week!


In Christ 🙂 Me



  1. What a beautiful family you have! Believe it or not, my Emme Rose (now 6-1/2) had eyes that blue too! I’ll dig out a picture. Unfortunately, at FOUR her eyes started to change!!!!!!! They are now hazel like her mother’s! I was so surprised because they were such a brilliant blue for so long!


  2. I was wanting to comment on your prevous entry earlier today, but I had to go, and I coulden’t do it until now. 🙂
    I wanted to let you know how welcome you are here at HSB! =)
    I hope you will enjoy blogging here! 😉
    I really like your daughters blue eyes! They are so beautiful!! You have a wonderful family. 🙂

    I look forward to reading your future posts!
    God Bless! – Christopher (Biblekid2) =)

  3. Oh…. LOVE that bed! The pictures are awesome too! Love to declutter too!!!!

    Bless your heart and home,

  4. aaaaaawwwwwwwwww SUCH cute kidos. You daughter has eyes like my girls…wonder why….


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